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Change, Employee Engagement and Artificial Intelligence

Presentation given to IABC members in NSW, May 13, 2019

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Change, Employee Engagement and Artificial Intelligence

  1. 1. Change, Engagement & Artificial Intelligence Jo Curkpatrick & Lee Hopkins
  2. 2. Your speakers Jo Curkpatrick Lee Hopkins
  3. 3. • What are you doing to support the successful adoption of AI? • How do you engage people when there is fear of losing a job or power? • How do you embrace the change of AI disruption when there are so many unknowns? Today
  4. 4. What is AI?
  5. 5. Machines behaving intelligently
  6. 6. Source: visualcapitalist.com/debunking-8-myths-ai-workplace/ AI Myths 1. Automation will completely displace employees 2. Companies are primarily interested in cutting costs 3. AI, machine-learning and deep learning are all the same thing 4. Automation will eradicate more jobs than it creates
  7. 7. 5. Robots and AI are the same thing 6. AI won’t affect my industry 7. Companies implementing AI don’t care about me 8. Higher productivity equals higher profits and less employment Source: visualcapitalist.com/debunking-8-myths-ai-workplace/ AI Myths
  8. 8. AI and its impact
  9. 9. AI and its Impacts 62% 39% 38% 23% 21% 21% 20% 20% 17% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%
  10. 10. Communication and engagement – What does AI mean for professional communicators?
  11. 11. AI will Know us better than ourselves Know our audience better than we do Create content better than we can Distribute content better than we can
  12. 12. Human input remains critical - In a world of increasing automation our ability to facilitate real human connection becomes even more important
  13. 13. What communication professionals are doing now Please share your stories
  14. 14. What we can do to facilitate successful AI implementation • Be part of a community of excellence • Align with HR, IT and marketing • Identify advocates • Review your comms strategy • Talk the talk, walk the talk • Be thoughtful, be human
  15. 15. A Community of Excellence • Communication and engagement • IT • Strategy and Planning • Marketing, brand, customer service • HR, people, culture and change AI skills, Training Recruitment Ethics and tone Be thoughtful & human Stakeholders & advocates Review messages, comms strategy Technology Data analytics Business strategy
  16. 16. What can we do to facilitate successful implementation of AI? • Think about the rules, our Code of Ethics • Be prepared to learn or retrain • Start the conversation • Enjoy what AI can do to make our jobs easier and faster
  17. 17. AI tools What is out there
  18. 18. Applied.ai
  19. 19. CIPR
  20. 20. Preparing the communication professionals of the future • Forecasting • Analysis and data management • Thinking skills • Applying emotion, conscience
  21. 21. Overcoming the fear and making a start What will you be doing when you get back to work?
  22. 22. How did we go? Try, fail, learn, share: learning opportunities, resources and networking www.bcr.ai
  23. 23. Change, Engagement & Artificial Intelligence Jo Curkpatrick & Lee Hopkins
  24. 24. Checklist for communicators 1. Don’t panic 2. Know what you are talking about 3. AI and employees or AI and business 4. Build your relationships 5. What is your role?
  25. 25. Checklist for communicators 6. Identify advocates 7. Talk the talk 8. Walk the talk 9. Review your comms strategy 10. Be thoughtful in your comms