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MFAA & Social media - Adelaide 20-03-2014

Presentation on social media for MFAA, Adelaide 20th March 2014

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MFAA & Social media - Adelaide 20-03-2014

  1. 1. Lee Hopkins I have a Facebook page. 20th March 2014 advanced communication strategies and tools Now what?
  2. 2.  www.LeeHopkins.com/mfaa
  3. 3. 13.0 12.5 6.4 3.7 2.5 0.0 2.0 4.0 6.0 8.0 10.0 12.0 14.0 Key web properties
  4. 4. Facebook Australia On Facebook Population Facebook Australia
  5. 5. Risks Benefits Case studies Facebook advertising Generate leads
  6. 6. Brand hijacking The ‘lunatic fringe’ Negative comments Employee error (Vodafone, KC, Groupon) Social media storm (and no way to respond)
  7. 7. Brand hijacking The ‘lunatic fringe’ Negative comments Employee error (Vodafone, KC) Social media storm (and no way to respond)
  8. 8. What if they don’t love me?
  9. 9. Brand hijacking The ‘lunatic fringe’ Negative comments Employee error (Vodafone, KC, Groupon) Social media storm (and no way to respond)
  10. 10. "This afternoon an employee posted an obscene message from the officialVodafone UK Twitter profile. The employee has been suspended immediately and we have started an internal investigation.This was not a hack and we apologise for any offence the tweet may have caused."
  11. 11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwgYqIZUtZ0
  12. 12. “So by all means don't come back, and by all means complain about us pointing out the stupidity of a rate 2.75 times the norm but please don't insinuate disrespect by us to our employees. Our employees work here because they want to not because they have to."
  13. 13. Branding Goodwill Lead generation Customer service Engagement with audiences
  14. 14. Bolster a company’s Reputation Correct inaccurate Rumours Provide correct Information Tell the company’s Story Address unhappy Customers Source: Hopkins & Magee, 2009
  15. 15. 3Ts+A= Social Media Ethos Truth Trust Transparency Accountability
  16. 16.  Go in with established goals
  17. 17.  New to Facebook advertising and not sure where to start?
  18. 18.  Include a clear and direct call to action  Use your Facebook ads to highlight special deals  Try activating Sponsored Stories as an add-on
  19. 19.  Customize your ad headline  Aside from your image selection, the headline is one of the main ways your ad will make an impact (or fail to)
  20. 20. 26 ways to generate leads with social media
  21. 21.  Follow prospects onTwitter  Friend new connections on Facebook  Conduct a Google Hangout with industry leaders  Host a webinar with registration  Answer questions on social channels
  22. 22.  Reach out to prospects where they’re engaging  Write ebooks and gate them with forms  Crowdsource content and credit your community  Find aTweet that promotes your content and share it
  23. 23.  Make your content visual for Pinterest pins  Blog about helpful information (not product)  Optimize site and blog for mobile viewers  Share relevant content with prospects  Make a compelling presentation on Slideshare
  24. 24.  Monitor for recommendation requests within your product category  Monitor for discussions of your product category  Monitor questions and conversations about your product category  Discover competitive insights
  25. 25.  Spot and answer direct questions from prospects  Monitor industry trends  Use a Facebook ad to drive traffic to your website  Use a promotedTweet to drive traffic to your website
  26. 26.  Link back to dedicated landing pages for conversion  Promote offers  Include keywords in your post headlines and body  Upload videos toYouTube (2nd largest search engine)
  27. 27. Kiss Find your lovers Start small Take a pulse Refine
  28. 28. !@#! • Truth,Trust,Transparency & Accountability 3T&A communication universe: • The Internet • 9/11 • PC • Harry Potter Black Swan moments in history Conclusions
  29. 29. 5  Go toTwitter.com and set up a profile  Go to LinkedIn and set up a profile  Go to Facebook and search for your competitors  Collect some e-resources you can give away  Think about what makes you stand out Next week:  Start planning your business’ Facebook (& Google+) Pages Things to do this today
  30. 30. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwgYqIZUtZ0 The Alamo Drafthouse
  31. 31. LeeHopkins.net LeeHopkins.com / NxtStrategic.com Twitter: LeeHopkins Facebook: Lee Hopkins Email: Lee@LeeHopkins.com Tel: 0410 642 052