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Bread For The World

Citizenship 2 - Food. These slides are about a organisation called Bread For The World with a goal to help out in world hunger by contributing and giving food to the needy, this organisation ran by David Backmann is currently quite big and growing bigger.

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Bread For The World

  1. 1. BREAD FOR THE WORLD  David Beckmann(Pastor)  Founder of Bread for the world(Christian Organization)  Co-chairman of the Modernising Foreign Assistance Network
  2. 2. Introduction to David Beckmann  He served at the World Bank for 15 years.  President of Bread for the World since 1991.  Beckmann has lived in Bangladesh and Ghana, overseen projects in Bolivia and Ecuador, and visited more than 70 countries.  In 2010, he was named a World Food Prize laureate.  He founded and serves as president of the Alliance to end hunger World since 1991.  Lutheran Pastor as well as a missionary economist-a person that brings the Christian faith and its moral teachings to bear on economic issues, especially those that involve poverty.  David Beckmann has been asked to testify in Congress numerous times.
  3. 3. Achievements of David Beckmann  In 2005, Beckmann delivered the prestigious McDougall Lecture at the biannual meeting of the FAO Conference.  Since 2000, the organization has helped to double U.S. funding for poverty-focused development assistance.  Beckmann is a 2010 World Food Prize laureate, the Nobel Prize equivalent for food and agriculture.  He earned degrees from Yale, Christ Seminary, and the London School of Economics, and five universities have awarded him honorary doctorates.
  4. 4. History of Venture Pg1(Vision)  Bread for the world was founded in 1991 by David Beckmann. Their motto is “Have Faith. End Hunger  He wants to build the political will to move our leaders and “change big systems in ways that will move us towards the end of hunger in our country and around the world.”  reform the federal government's food-aid programs so that funds are used more effectively and efficiently.
  5. 5. History of Venture Pg2(Impact)  Bread for the World has caused improvements to infrastructure, such as new roads and buildings as well as how people’s lives have changed.  Causing children to look better nourished. They also met women who were taking advantage of new literacy education and microcredit programs(programs that provide small loans to impoverished people to help them get employed)  In June 2012, Bread for the World brought 60 young ministers and church leaders to Washington, D.C., for training as Hunger Justice Leaders.  The 50K campaign was created so that every church involved in the campaign in the United States, big or small, would need to raise an additional $50,000 each year for 10 years to cover the proposed reductions to federal nutrition programs.
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