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Healthy soup varieties

soup is the starter in all the cuisine and they catalyzes the appitite and provide enormous healthy factor to the body. the soups are of many varities and they are prefered based on the individual taste. the slides here shows the varities of soups.

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Healthy soup varieties

  1. 1. Healthy Soup varieties http://atozfoodrecipes.com/
  2. 2. Soup • Soup is a liquid food generally served warm, often served as the starter, first course, or entrée before a main meal. • Soups are Soups form an integral part of any diet and act as an appetizer. • They are very nutritious and stimulate the hunger. • Soups serve as warmers during winters and are liked by dieters and foodies alike.
  3. 3. Vegetable soup • Vegetable soup is an excellent nutritious meal choice, soup is actually proven to assist weight reduction. • This soup includes minerals and vitamins with few calories. • Vegetable soups (http://atozfoodrecipes.com/mixed- vegetable-soup.html)are very effective. Due to their stimulating and health qualities, nevertheless soups generally speaking are excellent simply because they help restore the essential water balance, which often will help keep our blood pressure and salt content under control.
  4. 4. Tomato soup • Tomato soup is one of most commonly used soup in India. • Each bowl of tomato soup (http://atozfoodrecipes.com/tomato-soup.html)simmers with several nutrients that are highly beneficial for health. • It contains vitamin E, A, C, K, essential minerals and antioxidants that can keep you healthy and fit. • Tomato soup can be an excellent addition to a diabetic patient’s diet. It contains chromium, a mineral that helps in the regulation of blood sugar.
  5. 5. Hot ‘N’ Sour Soup • This soup is very healthy this soup recipe is aptly titled, hot and sour soup. • The hot element comes from ingredients like chilies or black pepper. so either red chili paste or green chili sauce is added. • Adding the chili paste and sauce, gives the soup its pungent and hot taste. • Some folks add black or white pepper to get this quality of heat. • This hot and sour soup is a good starter recipe with all kinds of menu and can be prepared with any type of consistency.
  6. 6. Manchow soup • Man chow is a spicy and hot soup made from mixed vegetables. • Apart from veg hot and sour soup manchow soup(http://atozfoodrecipes.com/manchow-soup.html) and tom yum soup are some of the soups we order from Chinese take away in restaurants. • As always for proteins we have to add mushrooms. We can add tofu or sprouts. We do not get good quality tofu here and hence they don’t get added to soups or any stir fries.
  7. 7. Bean chili soup • A spicy soup perfect for a winter’s day, yet not to spicy that it makes your eyes water! • The chilli bean soup(http://atozfoodrecipes.com/bean-chili- soup.html) represents a delicate balance of tang and spice mellowed down with white sauce so every mouthful can be relished thoroughly. • This soup is very delicious with healthy bean and makes a nice start.
  8. 8. Baby corn soup • Babycorn provides the valuable nutrition which lacks in most people’s diets. • It is extremely low in fat as well, which can help with their weight loss goals. • Baby corn is high in potassium and folic acid. It also has a better glycemic index than regular corn, making it a great substitute. • Baby corn soup is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals which provides healthy benefits to the body. • This soup goes out well and excellent source of B vitamins. Baby corn provides folic acid, thiamin, riboflavin.
  9. 9. • Sipping a bowl of soup is an easy way to give yourself a healthful boost as long as you keep an eye on the nutrition label. • Soups are often chock full of nutrient-dense vegetables, legumes, and other fiber-filled ingredients that combine to deliver appealing textures and great flavors. • Most soups help you obtain a variety of nutrients and the many health-promoting compounds found in vegetables in one bowl. • To know more about soup and healthy recipes visit http://atozfoodrecipes.com/
  10. 10. Thank you!!!