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A Beehive Balancing Act for Ecotourism in the Bungle Bungles: Dennis Williamson

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An overview of the challenges facing the Purnululu World Heritage Area Advisory Committee in balancing the demands of ecotourism/geotourism with geoheritage and cultural heritage responsibilities.

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A Beehive Balancing Act for Ecotourism in the Bungle Bungles: Dennis Williamson

  1. 1. A Beehive Balancing Act for Eco-tourism in the Bungle Bungles Presented by: Dennis Williamson – World Heritage Advisory Committee, Purnululu National Park, Western Australia
  2. 2. Purnululu National Park World Heritage Area
  3. 3.  A plateau of Devonian sandstone, carved into a mass of beehive-shaped towers with regularly alternating, dark gray bands of cynobacterial crust (single cell photosynthetic organisms).  The plateau is dissected by a 100–200-metre (330–660 ft) deep, sheer- sided gorges and slot canyons.  The cone-towers are steep-sided, with an abrupt break of slope at the base and have domed summits.  Fragile but stabilized by crusts of iron oxide and bacteria.  An outstanding example of land formation by dissolutional weathering of sandstone, with removal of sand grains by wind, rain and sheet wash on slopes. For the Geology Buffs
  4. 4. Osmand Range: Purnululu Conservation Reserve
  5. 5. Open savanna woodlands and grasslands with a diverse range of 13 spinifex species (Triodia spp.) woodlands
  6. 6. Soaring ~250 m cliffs up cut by seasonal waterfalls and pools, with Livistona fan palms.
  7. 7. The famous Beehive Domes
  8. 8. Jaru and Gija Aboriginal Cultures and Rangers
  9. 9. Tanba Banks - Jaru Paul Butters - Gija
  10. 10. Virginia O’Neill – Jaru Committee Representative
  11. 11. Aboriginal Rock Art: Sacred and Fragile
  12. 12. Cathedral Gorge
  13. 13. ~ 25,000 Annual Visitors from April to December
  14. 14. Park Gateway Signage (with Committee Members: G. Chidlow, P. & D. Butters, C. Done and D. Williamson)
  15. 15. Piccaninny Walks
  16. 16. Bushfire Risks
  17. 17. Prescribed Burning Program
  18. 18. Wet Season & Floods
  19. 19. Bill Dempsey – Purnululu N.P. Manager and Advisory Committee Facilitator
  20. 20. Vincent Edwards, Jaru Committee Member, with the ‘Outback’ Natural History Doco Team
  21. 21. Invasive Species
  22. 22. Advisory Committee Meetings
  23. 23. Park Logo Competition
  24. 24. Come Visit the Bungle Bungles Contact and Campsite Bookings: https://parks.dpaw.wa. gov.au/site/purnululu- visitor-centre https://parks.dpaw.wa. gov.au/park-stay Tel.: Kununurra, WA Office on 08 9168 4200