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Horror Poster

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Horror Poster

  1. 1. CONVENTIONS OF THE HORROR GENRE<br />Here are some following examples of Horror Genre film posters, where I annotate them to signify the codes and conventions used in this range of posters.<br />BY LESLIE-ANNE ORLANS<br />
  2. 2. Strapline – unusual –<br />Creates enigma<br />Use of shadows,<br />Defines face – adds <br />darkness<br />Child – sense of <br />Innocence in horror <br />- vulnerability<br />Depth of field – focus<br />On character – intimacy,<br />Draws audience in<br />caption –red (can <br />signify horror – blood)<br />Costume – innocent, <br />Young, old fashioned –<br />Suspicious?<br />
  3. 3. Grungy background –<br />Rough look – can indicate<br />A darker atmosphere<br />Image – graphic, gory –<br />Ligament is torn from body - Immediate sense of horror<br />Blood – evidence of horror, pain<br />Strapline – ‘every puzzle<br />has its pieces’ – image is<br />Relevant, creates enigma<br />Towards what this ‘game’<br />is.<br />White - not typically used<br />As background – sense of <br />Unreality? <br />
  4. 4. Title and Image correspond with each other – also typical title to indicate genre<br />Image – Pumpkin –<br />Relates to title – evil<br />Expression<br />Black – horror, spooky<br />Weapon – violence, <br />murder<br />Strapline – emphasis on ‘HE’ – creates enigma – who is ‘he’?<br />
  5. 5. Dominant Colour – Black – Represents dark atmosphere<br />Strapline – indicates horror genre – i.e. murder<br />Woman character – normally in distress – women are ‘weaker’<br />Lighting on face, <br />Shadows on edge – <br />Confined space?<br />Hand over mouth –<br />Silent scream? Shows<br />vulnerability<br />Facial expression – scared, terror<br />Scream – typeface is<br />Spaced out, you may<br />Lengthen the word when saying – reflects the word<br />Close-Up – sense of intimacy, brings audience closer<br />
  6. 6. Woman, looks scared –<br />Also stereotypical of a <br />Fragile, vulnerable woman<br />Male character - expression –<br />Looks ‘heroic’, shows no <br />Scared emotion –<br /> stereotypical on the ‘strong<br />Male character’ <br />Silhouette, shadow in <br />Form of wolf – creates<br />Suspense and enigma<br />Strapline – ‘warned’, <br />‘frightening’ – words<br />Which could indicate a <br />Horror genre - scary <br />Red, white and black colours – typical colours which convey the horror genre<br />Red text – blood,<br />horror<br />