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Drive Revenue Success with Scalable, Omni-Channel ABM Programs - Masergy x Lattice

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Like any good revenue team, you’re looking for new ways to accelerate revenue success in 2018. Masergy, a leading networking and security solutions company, achieved their growth targets by aligning sales and marketing on their ABM strategy, and taking a data-driven approach to scaling their ABM program for sustained growth. Masergy first aligned its teams and buying cycle around the SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall framework. Then the company had their marketing and sales teams implement key ABM plays and strategies to ensure all activities were focused on the right audience and were using the right messaging. Their hard work paid off, as their ABM strategy drove a 20% increase in pipeline within three months! Learn the key steps for implementing AI solutions that drive ABM success and walk away with the key place you can use to achieve quick wins and turbocharge your pipeline.

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Drive Revenue Success with Scalable, Omni-Channel ABM Programs - Masergy x Lattice

  1. 1. ©2018 Masergy. All rights reserved. Masergy Drive Revenue Success with Scalable, Omni Channel ABM Programs Malachi Threadgill, Director of Demand Generation, Masergy Nipul Chokshi, VP Product Marketing, Lattice Engines
  2. 2. The Age of ABM is Here 90% 61% 53% Marketers believe ABM is critical Marketers are going beyond pilots Marketers have dedicated budget to ABM
  3. 3. But, ABM Success Remains a Challenge Only 1 in 5 are seeing an increase in marketing and sales effectiveness from ABM
  4. 4. Marketers Struggle to Scale ABM • Strategic accounts only • Single product line • Net new customer acquisition only • Ads only • Strategic, Enterprise, Mid-market, etc. • All product lines • Net new, cross-sell, up-sell, retention • Ads, Web, Email, Sales, etc.
  6. 6. Resulting in Fragmented Experiences SOCIAL DISPLAY EMAIL SALES “Digital Transformation” “Mobile Security” “Mobile Devices” “Remote Workers”
  7. 7. The Four Pillars of ABM @ Scale Unified Customer Data AI-based Audience Creation Omni Channel Activation Governance and Compliance
  8. 8. ©2018 Masergy. All rights reserved. Masergy Drive Revenue Success with Scalable, Omni Channel ABM Programs
  9. 9. ©2018 Masergy. All rights reserved. Global Software Defined Platform Hybrid Networking Managed Security Cloud Communications Analytics and Service Control
  10. 10. ©2018 Masergy. All rights reserved. ▪ Scale: Our customers are Global ▪ Competition: We compete with Large Enterprise ▪ Reputation: <50% Brand Recognition ▪ Go-To-Market: Predominantly Channel Focused Initial Challenge
  11. 11. ©2018 Masergy. All rights reserved. Our Key Differentiator CUSTOMER RETENTION RATE 99% 74 B2B Tech Industry Average
  12. 12. ©2018 Masergy. All rights reserved. How Masergy's 74 NPS Ranks In The Industry Note Sourced from Satmetrix and NPS Benchmarks Technology B2B Global Average Telecom B2B Global Average (iPhone) 7467 5453 36 2524 12 ||
  13. 13. ©2018 Masergy. All rights reserved. Traditionally, our business was driven by Channel Sales… …the direct channel presented a great growth opportunity
  14. 14. ©2018 Masergy. All rights reserved. We Executed on a Direct Channel Strategy • Lead Development Reps • Inside Sales • Outbound team • Email marketing • Events • Cold-calls • Automation • CRM • Display TEAM TACTICS TECH
  15. 15. ©2018 Masergy. All rights reserved. We thought it was working well… 25,000+ Leads Created
  16. 16. ©2018 Masergy. All rights reserved. ...It wasn’t High Volume: ▪ Noise ▪ Wasted Time ▪ Lower Quality ▪ Poor Fit Result: Extremely Low Conversions
  17. 17. ©2018 Masergy. All rights reserved. Scalable ABM
  18. 18. #B2BMX Scale was Critical for ABM Success TAM: The Right Companies Prioritization: Better Segmentation Methodologies: Scoring, Rating, Enrichment Operationalization: Augmented Outreach
  19. 19. ©2018 Masergy. All rights reserved. Is the Base for our ABM Programs Quality Data Firmographics, tech, intent, international coverage AI Models + Segmentation Personalization and outreach Actionable Insights Integrated into CRM, affirmational, Not a black box Scalability Enriched Data for hyper focused campaigns Implementation & Support Brought understanding and know-how
  20. 20. ©2018 Masergy. All rights reserved. 1. Identifies target accounts using data 2. Orchestrates outbound activities across Sales and Marketing 3. Continually provides data signals to enable hyper-targeted messaging AI-Based Insights Drive ABM at Scale 1 2 3
  21. 21. ©2018 Masergy. All rights reserved. Identifies Target Accounts using Data • Create custom predictive model for each product • Identify ideal attributes for our target accounts • Enable data-driven conversations around what types of accounts to pursue • Validate or disprove various hypotheses related to assumptions 1
  22. 22. ©2018 Masergy. All rights reserved. • Account scores determine the accounts we pursue and the tactics we use Orchestrate Outbound Activities across Sales and Marketing 2
  23. 23. ©2018 Masergy. All rights reserved. ▪ Technology data enables us to identify best fit accounts o Enable us to bucket companies by innovation investments o Identify opportunities for competitive take-out o Uncover cross-sell/ up-sell potential ▪ Intent data enables us to assess buyer stage o We spend more $$$ on high intent accounts (later buyer stage) o Accelerate SDR outreach for high intent accounts o Drive sales affirmation ▪ Customize ad, email, sales outreach using this data o 5x higher CTR on personalized ads o 25% open rate on custom nurture emails External Data Signals Enable Hyper-targeted Messaging 3 Example attributes for illustration purposes
  24. 24. ©2018 Masergy. All rights reserved. Example 1: Regional Utility Lattice Grade Intent Channel Outreach Velocity Display Goal B No BDR Nurture, No Phone Slow Utility Brand Awareness Ads link to value content.
  25. 25. ©2018 Masergy. All rights reserved. Example 2: Global Innovator Lattice Grade Intent Channel Outreach Velocity Display Goal A Yes BDR + Enterprise Cadence + Phone + Mailer High Innovator Opp Ads link to Testimonials.
  26. 26. ©2018 Masergy. All rights reserved. • Presales • Sales Engaged • Opportunity • Customer Marketing Buyers Lifecycle • BDR • Inside • Enterprise • Partner Sales Channel • Above the line (Decision Maker) • Below the line (Decision Influencer) • Gatekeeper Buyer Persona Hyper-personalized Campaigns at Scale •Total Addressable Market •Propensity to buyMachine Learning •Intent Indicators •Account Grades •Contact Scoring Prioritization •Firmographic •Demographic •Global Coverage Enrichment • Cadence • Nurture • Cold Call Outbound • Retargeting • Content Networks • Other Display Inbound • Events • Mailers Offline Phase 1: Segmentation Phase 2: Allocation Phase 3: Activation
  27. 27. ©2018 Masergy. All rights reserved. Model Refined by: o New Intent o New Firmographics o Positive Events o Negative Events Iterative Feedback Loop 1.Segmentation 2.Allocation 3.Activation 4.Penetration
  28. 28. ©2018 Masergy. All rights reserved. Named Account Penetration ~7X Opportunity Creation 50% Higher Opportunity MRR 10% Sales Cycle Reduction ABM Drives Opportunity Creation and Funnel Compression in a Meaningful Way 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr NonTarget Target Account
  29. 29. ©2018 Masergy. All rights reserved. ▪ AI-Driven Partner Segmentation ▪ Expanded Intent + Enrichment ▪ Further Personalization ▪ ATLAS What’s Next
  30. 30. ©2018 Masergy. All rights reserved. ▪ ABM is hard without external data ▪ Messy data is bad ▪ Iterations are critical ▪ “Show me, don’t tell me” for sales adoption ▪ Not all ABM/AI vendors are equal Lessons Learned
  31. 31. 100+ Companies Capture Opportunity AI and Data Example Fortune 500 Companies Example High Growth Companies +2x +3x +35% +20%+85% Higher Conversion Greater Pipeline Higher Deal Size Revenue per customer Customer Churn
  32. 32. Lattice Atlas: Winning ABM @ Scale
  33. 33. Learn More Lattice Booth Expo Hall, Booth #168 Tues to Thurs Informatica: Personalizing the Buyers Journey at Scale Surf B Today at 3:30PM, Wed at 7:45AM Lattice Product Demo Expo Hall Theater Wed at 4:40PM ABM Program of the Year feat. Masergy Reef D Thurs at 2:10PM