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Facebook Dynamic Ads: How do you create custom audiences?

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Lengow shows you how to create your audience on Facebook Dynamic Ads. In this presentation, learn all about Facebook Dynamic Ads and how they can benefit you, as well as different audiences, so that you can develop your ecommerce activity on this key social network. Custom audience, lookalike audience, saved audience : make the right choices !

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Facebook Dynamic Ads: How do you create custom audiences?

  1. 1. Facebook Dynamic Ads How do you create custom audiences?
  2. 2. www.lengow.comwww.lengow.com Figures to remember 1.65 billion active users every month 989 million active mobile users each day 46% of Facebook users visit Facebook whilst shopping online 6 hours 45 minutes: the average amount of time people spend on Facebook each month
  3. 3. www.lengow.comwww.lengow.com • Display your products on their own, or as a group via the carrousel format • These adverts appear in News Feeds and are adapted to suit all types of devices: smartphones, tablets and computers • Targeting options let advertisers adopt both retargeting and acquistion strategies, either individually or simultaneously. • Invoicing is done mainly using the CPC model (cost per click) or by CPM (cost by thousand impressions). Facebook Dynamic Ads?
  4. 4. www.lengow.comwww.lengow.com Time saved: Promote all of your products from one creative content. Relevance and personalisation of the message: Product ads depend on buying behaviour. Continuously visible, evolving adverts: The adverts published adjust automatically according to the development of your product catalogue. Your adverts are broadcast on all devices used by your target audience. The benefits of Facebook Dynamic Ads
  5. 5. www.lengow.comwww.lengow.com What is a custom audience? Thanks to a custom audience, you can target adverts depending on the most visited pages on your website, and reach your own visitors. To create your custom audience, you can use several sources: • Your website’s visitors • Client lists (emails, telephone numbers...), • App: only available if you have developed a Facebook app.
  6. 6. www.lengow.comwww.lengow.com How to create an audience using your website. The Facebook pixel is a piece of HTML code which tracks visitors to your website or application, which products they consulted, and then makes the link with Facebook users.
  7. 7. www.lengow.comwww.lengow.com Use cases for custom audiences  Display precise products to people according to their behaviour on your website, and play with time periods.  Use the notion of time: the advert can appear 3, 5, 10 or even 30 days after an action. Go even further by choosing ‘Custom combination’ to create your audience according to : • Frequency • Time spent • The period • The total amount spent by the shopper on your online store • The device used
  8. 8. www.lengow.comwww.lengow.com  If you want to target a list of clients, import contacts from your emailing list or from your CRM.  Facebook will then associate an email address with a Facebook account. Why target them? • Strengthen the message of a newsletter with a Facebook advert. • Target customers that have bought product A by showing them product B. • Continue to push exclusive promotions to your newsletter’s subscribers. Use cases for custom audiences
  9. 9. www.lengow.comwww.lengow.com Using a configured custom audience, you can ask Facebook to generate a similar audience based on the same criteria but reaching new people: Facebook members. What is a similar audience? Thus, you will be able to explore a new, enlarged client base.
  10. 10. www.lengow.comwww.lengow.com Use Facebook’s popularity to develop brand awareness. As well as your custom audience, download commonly used targeting options and apply them to your next adverts. You can select different criteria to establish your audience: • location and language • age • gender • interests (fans of page X or Y, sports played...) • behaviour What is a saved audience?
  11. 11. www.lengow.comwww.lengow.com Our resources To know more about Facebook, download our whitepaper dedicated to Facebook Dynamic Ads
  12. 12. www.lengow.comwww.lengow.com Our resources To help you with your business activity, download our range of e-commerce guides