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Leontae Caldwell Career portfolio

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Northwood University Career Development

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Leontae Caldwell Career portfolio

  1. 1. Career Portfolio Leontae Caldwell Northwood University Career Development Professor Luzar
  2. 2. Table of Contents • Personal Mission Statement: Slide 3 • Elevator Speech: Slide 4 • Academy history and transcript: Slide 5 • Resume: Slide 6 • Professional development and training certificates: Slide 7 • Recommendations: Slide 8 • Reference List: Slide 9 • Awards and Accomplishments: Slide 10 • Volunteer history: Slide 11 • 1,2 and 5 year goals: Slides 12-15 • Work Sample: Slides 16-21 • Skills: Slide 22 • A statement of originality: Slide 23
  3. 3. Personal Mission Statement My mission is to take the knowledge and skills I have acquired through business and apply them to my future career as a Management Analysis. It is my mission to create a business environment where everyone can thrive built on the basis of giving back to the community for it has given me many opportunities .
  4. 4. Elevator Speech “Being a International Business major at Northwood University I have been presented with many opportunities to expand on my character as well as gain knowledge specifically in my field. Working with the IB program I was able to Study Abroad in the Dominican Republic as well as secure an internship in Beijing working under a Business Consulting Firm. Also looking at the Corporate Social Responsibility of big international companies I landed and Executive Board position with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. These experiences have expanded not only my communication both verbal and written but also help me become a more productive member of society and jumpstarted my desire to find a career in which I can give back.”
  5. 5. Academic Transcript
  6. 6. Resume
  7. 7. Professional Development Certificate
  8. 8. Letter of Recommendation
  9. 9. Reference List
  10. 10. Accomplishments • Vice President , Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity (2014-Present) • Philanthropy Chair (2012-Present) • DeVos Scholars for Entrepreneurship (2011-Present • Board of Directors, Michigan DECA (2014-Present) • Public Relations Chair, St. Jude Up ‘Til Dawn (2013-Present) • Student Manager, Men’s Varsity Basketball (2011-2013) • Deans List, Northwood University ( Fall 2012) • Alcohol Awareness Certified (2012) • ServSafe Certified (2014)
  11. 11. Volunteer History (Northwood)
  12. 12. Goals
  13. 13. Year 1 • Obtain my Bachelors is Business Administration • Obtain an internship in International Business or Fashion • Find and affordable apartment near my internship
  14. 14. Year 2 • Finish internship and get hired into the company at an entry level position • Pay off some of my student loan debt • Look into taking colleges to obtain my Masters Degree
  15. 15. Year 5 • Become stable in my career • Finish Masters Degree • Look at houses near my job and purchase my first home • Start a volunteer program for inner city youth in Saginaw
  16. 16. Work Samples
  17. 17. Fashion
  18. 18. Business Ethics
  19. 19. Spanish
  20. 20. Power Point
  21. 21. Extra Curricular Activities
  22. 22. Skills • Microsoft Office • Public Speaking • Bilingual • Visual Merchandising • Personal Selling • Customer Service • Public Relations • Teamwork • Leadership
  23. 23. Statement of Originality Thank You for viewing my portfolio. It was my pleasure having this opportunity meeting with you. Please contact me by phone (989)708-0418, or email @Caldwell1263@northwood.edu.