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generation campaign ryan lochte conversion brand ambassador shave or save syneron candela ilan nacasch performance equashield earlysense end-users skilled nursing marketplace iaw pharmacies exchange digital health strategy nir yanovsky ofek digital project leader quality indicators information exchange platform eitan bio informatics alteration aphp data warehouse brainware annotation exome visualization university parís macra lebret jim nyu klinikum nils distribution rhoen bottler hospital beds european budget logic physio gmp products zsuzsa beke dr. lászló németh oncologist dr. istván udvaros md director general dr. ágnes fényi hungarian prof zsuzsanna pápai senior advisor on industry - medical ce medical project director national ministry of economy dr dr. csilla pozsgay governmental equal officer chief corporate development cho jeremy brody ownership taxation ingredients english statistics hangzhou subject matter hardware license regluation jpo industrial application cpu inventive 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innovation group patient safety eps medication management othc customer centricity trifacta curation consumption container exercise data patient behaviors pharmaceutical r&d medical images owners mmrf compass brian ellerman head model breakouts number iati fastest growing established b2c stage companies subsector hardware software economic value inefficiency governments biomedical medicines branded on-patent merck & co guy eiferman healthcare services acceleration external risk internal controversial risk assessment merck alexander hoffmann electronics ceramics kyoto deputy general manager kazumasa umemura kyocera corporation credit insurance car automotive industry property-casualty strategic partner travel insurance asset managers assistance capital efficient development strategic partnerships expertise user input payment model implementation plan spinout horizonally-integrated chief executive officer of the henry ford innovati mi. i am also joined on this trip by dr. scott du continuum ohio medical innovation summit technology innovations officer anywhere mark stovsky anytime taxes developer publisher program potential economics ranking usd waste directives social mu abuse hitech fraud corporate vp hp dell nephrology biostatisticians mathematicians epidemiologists data wearhouse research hub id-tag geo tag ibm alphazone massively scalable standards based standard based individuals hipaa compliant knowledge-driven observational translational records iso13485 ec privacy directive hippa rtte iec iso ehealth action plan mhra medical device recast european commission fcc series a local counsel royalty waiver patent compensation committee license option government institutions academics institutional ip written agreement waiver exception assignments service inventions consultants in-license boston scientific orbimed copyrights symantec encryption controls computer bird foundation ca technologies patents ebay trademarks anywhere" "medicine: anytime head of science & technology innovations integrated care model cleveland clinic. dr. mark stovsky payment incentives front line ppo integration health information technology data systems approach staffing models delivery system findings results long-term quality incentives products spin-off innovations state ncai gcic centers royalty federal content finance innovation village alliance program ntt ip fund docomo innovation fund corporate venture m2m e-commerce market mobile social gaming enterprise shigenori miyazaki hikari tsushin group vice president federation of israeli chambers of commerce manufacturers association of israel ntt docomo frost & sullivan ict israel-japan chamber of commerce mark einstein nobuyuki akimoto summit telecom medical adherence american pharmacist association. israel university of arkansas medical school uams enterprise content management domain expertise industry research enterprise hardware markets printers market diligence industry forecasting manage business/competitive intelligence technology markets roadmap communication technologies cloud services datacenters income royalties proprietary sources collaborative open multi-disciplinary repetitive performing routine automation off-shoring knowledgeoperational technologies non-anchored jobs industrial research continuous feedback time-to-market open source research re-invention packaged software flat file distributed databases nosql isam open source databases non-relational databases dbms relational database vsam commercial databases idms tech sector foreign companies looking to foreign investors initiatives 2010 valuations veritas ventures digital health fund general partner usd 4.1bn wireless patient monitoring funding opportunities and processing introduction israel high-tech industry dynamics: expanding beyo threat intelligence - the next generation of it se network security mobile advertising mobile security and the byod challenge digital games tel aviv as a model city identity and access management protecting data and applications in the cloud and machine vision app monetization digital advertising digital applications cities as a growth engine for startup ecosystems image recognition cost reduction big-data data aggregation overuse errors treatments accelerators deal size scientific category nasdaq aim nyse noel harvey foreign markets programs michel hivert dec 15 troed sangberg developer advocate sony mobile discusses "the wearables disruption: the future an provider applications hype cycle healthcare and wellness nlp it departments ids patient-centric care models redesign healthcare delivery organizations health it trends future of connected health lead analyst david leichner open source system reciprocity etoro datsets team performance cdrs spending data call data records sensing trust relationships trading network popularity ties decision making reality mining living labs credit and debit cards predicting head of anti-fraud ppp presentation2014 mhealth israel conference by dr. personalize azure sensor-based wearable microsoft band kinect 2.0 body tracking health cloud social healthcare tech opportunities healthcare ecosystem smart bracelet connected objects ile-de-france hosting restitution transfer collection orange healthcare health management partnership consortium medical body area network (mban) net neutrality connect2healthfcc task force fdasia hitech act opportunities tipping point exchanges long-term returns chronic cdhc quality information responsibility high cost hcit healthcare price 5.9 million devices shipments smartwatches connected wearables berg insight 19.0 million people monitoring & safety devices 16.6 million monitoring & safety bluetooth 168.2 million units in 2019 embedded cellular connectivity fitbit garmin fitness & activity trackers smart glasses angel matan vilai zvca ambassador zhongguancun venture capital association beijing vp r&d at becton dickinson strategic technology partnerships al lauritano is presenting at the mhealth israel becton dickinson. together with noel g. harvey bio for al lauritano telemetry laboratory innovation thinking marvin j. slepian mechanistic mcguire scholar ecg designer biomolecules professor of medicine and biomedical engineering chemistries quantify spending fragmentation payment reform online duration location surf communication websites ip address domain names internet resources cnnic ralf jahns hebrew tom sudow haaretz newspaper wrap-up oded yaron 2014 mhealth israel startup contest finalists press announcement ourcrowd round of funding android 4.0 emea data driven insights paypal android gift cards russia developers carrier billing best practice localizing listings play iap rajat gupta bollywood stickers line games user acquisition inspire amir lewkowicz associations emerging markets euclid cleveland clinic florida hillcrest south pointe lakewood marymount medina lutheran subspecialties state grants inventors equity investments spin-off companies royalty licenses patent applications innovations scorecard $60m grant ohio third frontier project delivery system innovation practice pattern variation analysis ppva provider dashboard improvement analytics pediatric adult health adult chronic acq model alternative quality contract public spending quality contract total expenditures on health average spending on health per capita dr dana safran performance measurement and improvement provider models convergence pervasive health care delivery systems ten predictions quality of life clinical indicators new business models era of digitized medicine patients are now partners in their own healthcare informed mhealth applications benchmarking post fda approval jefferies ntm growth pre-fda approval one month premium buy-side blog ben lang cnn registration desk john f. kennedy moonshot cocktail reception taasiya lumbergh 2nd brain water follow-up mr. bean office space magpie effect jinni heineken vittel "freemium" emotion wearables waze wechat nivea magisto jimmy iovine lifetime value lady gaga india gadget expo motorola msn aol native advertising connected tv apps goviral content distribution huffington post videos yahoo premium sites 47 adaptv placements contextually relevant hulu 5min marketing & ad:tech israel conference lenovo david roman building a global brand in a digital world chief marketing officer february 11 category leader customer needs delivers empower people culture continuous improvement set standard collective contributors give back progressive innovative generosity of spirit future focus worldly outlook mark ingall resilient driven optimistic country-specific laws “global digital” patchwork gatekeepers partnerships digital licensing cell phone adoption network standards payment methods local culture gsm media appeal ads targeted demographic performance advertising content marketing smart video algorithms onavo insightera waze primesense multi screen native content multi platform marketing & ad:tech israel_danny cohen programmatic 4 trends partner state of the israeli digital sector carmel ventures unitedhealth group get healthy pramod gaur living with illness trends & opportunities in us telehealthcare american telemedicine association supporting infrastructure rpm tablets vp telehealth stay healthy optum clinical transformation leader sick care humana dr. rajni aneja inc strategic executive "the future of healthcare in america" intake october 7th j:com 2013: healthcare and lifestyle support with telco hikari au medical cloud nursing insurers ftth uq receipt health examination noriyuki inoue free access general manager medical institution accountable care solutions practice iq activehealth wellness 2.0 neo wellmatch involve care medicity itriage accountable care clinical integration rob egan cmo transmitter optical head one lens evolution capsule capsule endoscope pillcam minimally-invasive gi diagnostics rafi nave capsule communication challenges given imaging vp r&d health management programs health care spending enrollment paid claims health plan delia vetter health risk assessment out-of-pocket disease management phrarmacies data collection claim management france telecom thierry zylberberg susan berson trials medicaid waiver value-based payment cmmi health care delivery system quality of care it systems healthcare exchanges mlr minimum medical loss ration
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