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Airport Health & Wellness Sponsorship Program for Blue Cross Blue Shield

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Airport Health & Wellness Sponsorship Program for Blue Cross Blue Shield

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Airport Health & Wellness Sponsorship Program for Blue Cross Blue Shield

  1. 1. Airport Health & Wellness Sponsorship Program Case Study Blue Cross Blue Shield
  2. 2. Blue Cross Blue Shield & AMI Health Fair Situation Blue Cross Blue Shield approached AMI for concepts to assist in fulfilling their mission to enhance the health of the people in the communities it serves, along with driving Brand Affinity. Looking for new ways to enhance consumer health, help consumers get answers to their health questions and offer wellness tips geared to the traveling population was a natural fit with AMI’s approach to experiential campaigns. Tactics Blue Cross Blue Shield was offered the opportunity to be the exclusive sponsor of the Philadelphia Airport’s existing monthly Health Fairs. During the four month health care program, travelers and airport employees learned more about healthy eating on the go, how to stay fit while traveling, and stretching for good circulation. This also provided Blue Cross Blue Shield the opportunity for one-on-one consumer interaction to inform passengers of their services through hand- outs and promote their IBX Healthy Steps app. In addition, AMI installed an innovative kiosk which offered health and wellness information, a virtual walking map of the airport, targeted videos, quick responses to general health topics and the ability to leave personal information for follow-up by Blue Cross Blue Shield, all with 24/7 access throughout the term of the program. Results The Health Fairs and the kiosk brought together the vision of bringing wellness and fitness educational programs for consumers at Philadelphia Airport. Immediately following the first sponsored Health Fair Linda Taylor, Chief Sales and Marketing executive at Independence Blue Cross said, "So far, travelers and airport employees have been very receptive. We designed the kiosk and the health fair series so that people can get great health and wellness information in just a few minutes' time as they stop by on the way to their gate or during their work break. We are pleased to see they are doing just that and responding positively to what they see and learn. Here, travelers may be on a layover or may have some down time at their gate — the health fairs and kiosk offer ways to pass the time productively." The program also drew the attention of the local ABC news affiliate, WPVI, whose news coverage can be seen here http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/story?section=news/health&id=8209769. .