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How to Open your town with Free-Mission

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Open Data and Open Gov for small towns, this is possible, there are benefits, and here is how

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How to Open your town with Free-Mission

  1. 1. FREE Mission Feedbacks and recipe Open Small towns One by one Together
  3. 3. Ouverture communes de plus de 3 500 habitants 92 % communes ne sont pas concernées 1/3 population 1/3 French population not-concerned In France, open data is mandatory for all cities > 3 500 inhabitants 92 % 8 % Percentage of french cities concerned Open Data, not a reality for all
  4. 4. TOWARD INEQUALITY OF RIGHTS Freedom of Access to Information Online OR Take 1/2 day off to consult urban plan to renovate your house at the cityhall, on a paper version (true story) Engage a FOI request to access your city's budget Asymmetry of services and rights depending on where you live Develop digital divide
  5. 5. 48hours EVENT TOGETHER Small town Inhabitants Non-profit Communities Administrations COMMUNITY Wikimedia Openstreetmap TelaBotanica RegardsCitoyens Linux 5 TOPICS Geography History Botanic Photography Citizenship Credit Photo cc-by-sa @JavierAC2N Credit Photo cc by sa Pierre-Yves Beaudouin Open Small towns One by one Together
  6. 6. VIDEO
  7. 7. Département de Loire-Atlantique Credit Visuel Cc-by-sa TUBS Feedback from the administration Departement of Loire-Atlantique 212 Cities How to sustain their opening ? Organizing a FREE Mission City of Chéméré in 2015 2 400 inhabitants
  8. 8. OUTCOMES Speach from the department Visit their website www.data.loire-atlantique.fr
  9. 9. SOME NICE STORIES Local Technology Security Openess Patrimony Broadband Gathering Great Wifi Broadband for the town of Chéméré ! A Wifi-bridge was implemented from the church thanks to a Free Internet Access Provider (FaiMaison) 30mb
  10. 10. Crédits Photos cc-by-sa @s_caillaud @benjamin Aerial pictures of Brocas allowed citizens to check how the sand was closing their lake and why budget was invested to clean it (power of picture) Hype technologies, 3D printers, UAV, Gyrobike, etc Sand SOME NICE STORIES Local Technology Security Openess Patrimony Broadband Gathering
  11. 11. Open Data Collect and publish data online Create methodologies Training www.data.loire-atlantique.fr True story A town lost all its digitalized archives because the secretary used the « save » option to create new cityhall reports, ignoring the « save as » option. SOME NICE STORIES Local Technology Security Patrimony Gathering Broadband Openess
  12. 12. Mayor of Brocas receiving his new open map Creating map for cities, using openstreetmap and allowing towns to update their area whenever they need Local firemen do use this map now as it is very precise and indicate houses numbers on each street, which information they did not have SOME NICE STORIES Local Technology Openess Patrimony Gathering Broadband Security
  13. 13. Digitalization and open publication of the local museum items Creating Wikipedia articles in relation with the town Patrimony rediscovered Collect Normalize Sustainable archive Valorize Create past/present town online based on citizens postcards SOME NICE STORIES Local Technology Security Openess Gathering Broadband Patrimony
  14. 14. Crédits Photos Cc-by-sa @x-javier @rsm @pyb75 @lomita @benoitprieur @varmin Discovering local specialities and tourism for volunteers, always a nice time tying bonds between open communities SOME NICE STORIES Technology Security Openess Patrimony Gathering Broadband Local
  15. 15. Crédits Photos cc-by-sa @dominiqueberdon @auregann A human event ! Activities for all ages Digital insertion Promoting knowledge of their towns for citizens (and cityhalls) SOME NICE STORIES Local Technology Security Openess Patrimony Broadband Gathering
  16. 16. SOME DATA 1 small town 3 communities from open projects 5 month preparation 20 volunteers (up to 40) 3 000 € budget (up to 7 000€)
  18. 18. FREE Mission Recipe One person Individual, citizen, agent, non-profit, administration, etc Read FM guides Chart, Reports Opening guide Find a town Have it confirmed its participation Contact FM team Will provide checklist And Howtos Gather volunteers Wikipedia, TelaBotanica, Openstreetmap, etc Orga Circle Divide tasks Finance Identify cost and fundings Preparation 6 months total Bed and Breakfast Set logistics Communicate To inhabitants and communities Report Define representants And prepare reporting Workshops Publish event program
  19. 19. Maybe you can't free the world but YOU CAN FREE your TOWN !
  20. 20. RAISING INITIATIVES 2013 Brocas 2016 Montreuil2016 Aiglun 2015 Chéméré https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/ 2014 Gerardmer
  21. 21. A GOOD IDEA IS AN IDEA THAT IS YOURS ! Organize your own event www.free-mission.org @thefreemission