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Changing Lanscapes Seminar 2015

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Shared Leadership presentation- Pop up libraries

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Changing Lanscapes Seminar 2015

  1. 1. The Global Pop Up Trend Benefits and Risks for public libraries Josephine Struck, Moreland City Libraries Celia Rice, Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation Deanne Spagnolo, Brimbank Libraries Suzie Bull, Mornington Peninsula Library Service Asha Davis, Mildura Rural City Council Library Service
  2. 2. Pop Ups Discovery Location Concept Creating an Experience
  3. 3. Pop Ups
  4. 4. Pop Ups and Books Little Free Libraries
  5. 5. Pop Ups and Books Promotion
  6. 6. Pop Ups and Books Social Movements
  7. 7. Pop Ups and Books Endless possibilities
  8. 8. Pop Up Libraries Collection of resources Outside library walls Engagement with the public Informal access Extension of the library ‘brand’ Promotes literacy and reading Unexpected Strong connection to the public library sector Definition
  9. 9. Wodonga Library
  10. 10. Frankston City Libraries
  11. 11. Wyndham Libraries
  12. 12. Camden Council Library Service
  13. 13. Sunshine Coast Libraries
  14. 14. Campaspe Regional Library Service
  15. 15. Benefits Exposure to non-users Taking staff out from behind the desk Potential increased literacy Establish partnerships Challenging stereotypes of libraries Low cost Potential increased membership Increase staff skills Extending the life of your collection Good use of volunteers Pop-up libraries are fun!
  16. 16. Risks Public liability issues Appropriate space Vandalism/theft No new users Community backlash Unsustainable Damaging to partnerships Lack of use Risk Minimisation Research Consider requirements Regular monitoring Promote widely Prepare responses Do not overextend resources Clear guidelines and expectations Location and atmosphere
  17. 17. Our thanks to the following people • Ann Anderson, Frankston City Libraries • Jenny Mustey, Campaspe Regional Library Service • Jane Stronach, Sunshine Coast Libraries • Leanne Boyd, Wodonga Library • Elysa Dennis, Camden Council Library Service • Elizabeth Arkles, Wyndham City Libraries All contributors to this paper are graduates of the 2014 Victorian Shared Leadership Program. This report was initially written as an action learning project for the 2014 Program. We would like to acknowledge the support of our project sponsor, Jenny Mustey, in every stage of the development of this project.