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Plus de Roberto de Paula Lico Junior(20)


Customer Centric Strategy

  1. Business Consultant Roberto Lico How to create a Customer-Centric Strategy for your Business
  2. Roberto Lico
  3. A customer-centric way of doing business is focused on providing a positive customer experience before and after the sale in order to drive repeat business, enhance customer loyalty and improve business growth.
  4. 4 Best practices to becoming a customer-centric company 1. Hire for customer success. 2. Put relationships first. 3. Democratize customer data. 4. Connect company culture to customer outcomes.
  5. 3 ways to measure the success of a customer-centric company 1. Churn rate 2. Net Promoter Score 3. Customer lifetime value (CLV)
  6. Conclusion The shift towards becoming a truly customer-centric organization is both complex and long but, do not be put off by this as even the smallest changes to policy and processes can have a significant benefit for both employee and your customer. Being a customer-centric organization is the Holy Grail towards unlocking the true potential of customer value. Always put yourself in the shoes of the customer and minimize customer effort and maximize customer value.
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