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Ljsse Erasmus+ program, comics from Italy

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  1. 1. Just fixed the sump. Olè!!! Great job!!! Be careful to all components and use the proper tools
  2. 2. I’m so happy. Little by little I’ll finish my house Ok guy! I agree with you … you’ll finish in … around 20 years
  3. 3. No thanks. I’ve been building this wall for 10 months. I’m doing a great job indeed!!! Some people envy my working skill and speed! Hi guy, can I help you??
  4. 4. I handle wood, iron and concrete. I can: build rigid frames, pillars, formworks for foundations and walls; place and join panels and beams; use a lot of tools Have a look: what a perfect job!
  5. 5. You should use a computer! The automotive software informs you on the damage so you can repair it. What’s the matter???
  6. 6. Well done, but use protective clothes please I like to: install cables and electrical systems; identify breakdowns; test electrical components and devices
  7. 7. Hi Goofy, be careful at the paint. Don’t drop it. Mammia mia! What a precise work!!! Excellent.
  8. 8. Oh my God! The drive shaft has just cracked Take it easy. Relax, take your tools and start working.
  9. 9. I’m going to apply as bartender (in this way I will drink a lot at any time). That’s cooooool Don't even think about it. You look unreliable; moreover you are not of age
  10. 10. I LOVE WORKING Working is FANTASTIC! I totally agree with you I LOVE WORKING RIGHT!!!
  11. 11. Nicola Bogazzi 3B Alessandro Paoli 5A Luca Vita 5C Samuele Zagone 3B Matteo Endrizzi 4C Armando Lazzari 5C Cristian Lazzini 3B