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Clarence Archibald Network (320x240)

Welcome Shopper

The concept of this platform is to bring together you the shopper and the merchants for the ultimate shopping experience. We have been doing this online live broadcast on lifestyleslive for over 3 years, we highlight and showcase different businesses everyday. Here are a few examples of businesses we showcase.

There is not enough room on this site to place the stores we would like to include. these are just examples. Our marketing system is to incorporate every store in one place making it much easier and convenient for you our listening audience to shop online without having to leave your abode or workplace; yes to make your shopping experience enjoyable and safe.

While viewing and listening to our broadcast, you also get an opportunity to interact with your host for that particular segment. through online chat; studio call in and texting, and for our international viewers and listeners we have Skype. Never before have their been all this features to shoppers online, we have created this just for you

Every day we will be highlighting their sales and upcoming specials, from the merchants of our choosing, All you would have to do is tune in to the broadcast and be ready for an experience you\'ll never forget.

We continue to include more merchants websites that we are sure you would like to shop at; should you wish to have a private showing of our personal products that we have designed here at C! Designs, please feel free to contact us, schedule an appointment and we will be more than happy to show you our private line.

We thank you for your business and for choosing us to be your supplier of great clothing and other products and services. We hope for your continued support.

To view our products, click on the link studio 1
To listen to Man-Talk click on studio 2

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