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2009 Directors Report

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2009 Directors Report

  1. 1. Lighthouse Inc. 2009 Directors report October 2009
  2. 2. Launched Second Heaventrain In 2009 Lighthouse launched a second Heaventrain Bus in partnership with local churches. The Blue Bird Bus was donated by a partner church, and rehabbed by Busses International. Funding was provided by the Norther Ohio Golf Charity. (Bridgestone Invitational)
  3. 3. Summer program explodes. Our summer lunch program grew from 154 kids a week to 2079 a week. We fed more kids the very best food we could find. Included a partnership with Chik Fil a for Heaventrain. This program was so successful that the State of Ohio and US senate are looking to extend the opportunity. We are now a model for children’s hunger reform. Awarded the Gov’s award for “Call to Action”.
  4. 4. Heaventrain Highlights ✤ 26 Youth teams ✤ Partnership with Chik fil a ✤ Saturday sponsored by CTK ✤ Started Glenville HT ✤ Developing partnership with Bed Naz ✤ Women of Faith in 2010
  5. 5. Youth Development Critical Mass, moves from concept to reality
  6. 6. This is what we have started so far, with more to come. ✤ Holistic youth model ✤ Tutoring ✤ Character Classes ✤ Expanded Basketball ✤ Gang prevention ✤ After school clubs, already running.
  7. 7. Community projects. ✤ Locker room rehab at Lonnie Burton ✤ East Tech Tutoring room rehab ✤ Coats for Kids ✤ Central Middle School Thanksgiving.
  8. 8. New Office New 2600 sq. foot office. Fully furnished, by a generous donation from a DC donor. Almost fully functioning.
  9. 9. Road trip to DC Group of kids and staff, with one board member head to the Nation’s Capitol. Visit several historic sites. Get to know each other.
  10. 10. Other Highlights ✤ Project access year three ✤ East Tech Tutoring ✤ Hired 8 new staff. ✤ Strong POE program having success ✤ First ever fund raising event ✤ Multiple online identities.