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Arm Architecture HPC Workshop Santa Clara 2018 - Kanta Vekaria

Welcome note by Kanta Vekaria from the Arm Architecture HPC Workshop Santa Clara 2018

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Arm Architecture HPC Workshop Santa Clara 2018 - Kanta Vekaria

  1. 1. 26th July 2018 Kanta Vekaria PhD Arm Architecture HPC Workshop North America
  2. 2. Arm Architecture HPC Workshop Compiler optimisations Tools Math libraries Orchestration Machine Learning Thank you to our Sponsors!
  3. 3. Welcome our newest HPC SIG Member
  4. 4. Linaro helps you work with the latest open source technology, build support in upstream projects, ensure smooth product roll outs, and reduce maintenance costs. Instead of duplicating effort, competitors share development costs of core platform technologies to accelerate innovation and time to market. IN THE TOP Contributors to the Linux kernel OSS ENGINEERS worldwide MAJOR CONTRIBUTOR TO Other open source Projects MEMBERS 20 5 300 70
  5. 5. Linaro High Performance Computing Special Interest Group The Linaro HPC SIG drives open source software development for the Arm architecture. It aims to lower barriers to deployment and management through standardisation, interoperability, orchestration and use case development. hpc@linaro.org Arm HXTHiSilicon Red Hat Fujitsu Qualcomm Cavium Optimization
  6. 6. Engineering Scope ● HPC ○ OpenHPC - ARM enablement, Cloud CI ○ Scalable Vector Extension (SVE) for ARMv8 ○ Dev Tools ■ Compiler optimisations ● LLVM and GCC for Fortran and C optimisations ● openMP ■ QEMU ■ Standardised profilers and debuggers ○ HPC Orchestration ■ OpenHPC ■ Other OS Packages (SLURM) ○ Runtime auto detection of micro arch. ○ Application Libraries ■ Math and scientific libraries optimised for ARMv8 ■ MPICH, FFTW, BLAS, cuBLAS, LAPACK, openBLAS, MPI, ScaLAPACK ■ And more….. ○ Hardware acceleration ■ CCIX, GPGPU, FPGA ○ File Systems ○ Schedulers, Power Management ○ Security ● HPDA ○ Scope will involve key industry algorithms, library optimisation, etc. ● Machine Learning ○ Scope will include machine learning algorithms, frameworks, training, inference and hardware acceleration
  7. 7. Accelerate Deployment of ARM into Datacenters The Linaro Developer Cloud provides open source developers and commercial ISVs access to the latest Arm-based, server-class hardware running popular development environments, to enable the IoT, Edge and Cloud ecosystem to develop, port and test for the Arm architecture.
  8. 8. Logistics ● Breaks at 10:30 and 15:00 ● Lunch at 12:30 ● Networking drinks and appetisers at 17:00