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HKG18-410 - Make Kubernetes Greater for NFV@Arm

"Session ID: HKG18-410
Session Name: HKG18-410 - Make Kubernetes Greater for NFV@Arm
Speaker: Kaly Xin
Track: Enterprise

★ Session Summary ★
Kubernetes is a commonly used Container Orchestration Engine today. It is an open-source cloud platform for automating deployment, scaling, and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts. With Kubernetes, we can setup a container cloud platform in a short time. But Kubernetes still lacks some critical features that are important for a high performance containerized VNF in a typical NFV environment. To help address it, we put a lot job around this area, also pushed several patches into open source community. In this presentation, I will introduce and show the jobs that how to improve application performance, and IO throughput in Kubernetes. Key features are now available in Kubernetes to bring benefits for high performance cloud platform. Some of these enhanced features: 1, ‘Node feature discovery’ identifies hardware features and advertises them in Kubernetes 2, SRIOV CNI provides DPDK fast path networking for VNF 3, CPU Manger for Kubernetes delivers predictable network performance 4, Huge page management in Kubernetes enables the discovery, scheduling and allocation of huge pages as resource
★ Resources ★
Event Page: http://connect.linaro.org/resource/hkg18/hkg18-410/
Presentation: http://connect.linaro.org.s3.amazonaws.com/hkg18/presentations/hkg18-410.pdf
Video: http://connect.linaro.org.s3.amazonaws.com/hkg18/videos/hkg18-410.mp4
★ Event Details ★
Linaro Connect Hong Kong 2018 (HKG18)
19-23 March 2018
Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong

Keyword: Enterprise
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HKG18-410 - Make Kubernetes Greater for NFV@Arm

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