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  1. 1. This lesson will assist The lesson includesindividuals, interested in a career in various websites that will education, in determining if a establish a college’s or college or university holds university’s accreditation proper, current accreditation. status. Created and Presented by: Linda A. Noto, MAS Nova Southeastern University Florida
  2. 2. The Learner will: • Understand the procedure to research on-line colleges and universities. • Understand the significance of attending an accredited college or university. • Understand the process to apply to an online college or university. • Understand the importance of finding a college or university that will accommodate an individual learning style.
  3. 3. http://www.yahoo.com/ www.google.comSearch engines, such as Click on the above Yahoo and Google can links to open theprovide you with various search engine and links to college and type in, “university university data bases. directory”. Both Yahoo and Google will display their own university data base.
  4. 4. RESEARCHING COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES These databases can supply youwww.50states.com/college with listings of private, religious, www.collegedb.com foreign, and online colleges and universities. Click on the above links to open the database. You can search by the type of college you wish to attend.
  5. 5. Individual college and university websites list concentration areas, courses, fees, entr ance requirements andwww.stanford.edu many aspects of the www.purdue.edu organization that may be of interest to you. To browse a particular college or university, type in the name of the institution into your search engine.
  6. 6. ACCREDITATIONWhat is the goal of accreditation?“The goal of accreditation is to ensure that education provided byinstitutions of higher education meets acceptable levels of quality.Accrediting agencies, which are private educational associations ofregional or national scope, develop evaluation criteria and conductpeer evaluations to assess whether or not those criteria are met.” --US Department of EducationWhy should I attend an accredited university?There are several reasons why:• “Accreditation ensures that a school is providing a quality education that meets national standards.• Only schools that are accredited by a recognized agency are eligible to offer federal and state financial aid to their students.• Employers value accredited schools more highly and many will not hire applicants who earned their degrees at unaccredited schools.” -- Braintrack.com
  7. 7. How can I find out if my college or university holds accreditation?Below is a link to a listing of various accreditation agencies’websites you can access to find out if your institution isaccredited.Do not based your determination on your college’s or university’swebsite.Use only accrediting websites! Accrediting Agencies
  8. 8. www.fldoe.org Florida Teacher Certification ExaminationsFTCE Study Guides School District of Palm Beach County
  9. 9. Please email me with any questions or comments