oc 6440 collecting and analyzing diagnostic data oc 6440 nature of planned change oc 6440 future directions of od oc 6440 od in non industrial settings oc 6440 od in a global setting oc 6440 organization transformation oc 6440 competitive and collaborative strategies oc 6440 developing and assisting members oc 6440 performance management oc 6440 work design oc 6440 employee involvement oc 6440 restructuring organizations oc 6440 organization process approaches interpersonal and group process oc 6440 individual oc 6440 evaluating od interventions oc 6440 leading and managing change oc 6440 designing interventions oc 6440 feeding back diagnostic information oc 6440 diagnosing groups and jobs oc 6440 diagnosing organizations oc 6440 entering and contracting oc 6440 scenario planning trait approaches to personality intro to odc hpu irb
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