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Engage with Insights

Discover and share conversation-worthy updates to create and grow relationships.

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Engage with Insights

  1. 1. Engage with insights Discover and share conversation-worthy updates to create and grow relationships Social Selling Index
  2. 2. Reps that exceed quota get 74% more engagement on their posts than those that don’t exceed quota +74% Why is it important to engage with insights? Nearly 64% of B2B buyers report that they appreciate hearing from a salesperson who provides knowledge or insight about their business % +39%+64% You are 70% more likely to get an appointment or an unexpected sale if you are a member in LinkedIn Groups +70%
  3. 3. Post relevant content that can help you become a trusted source of insights and engage with insights from others. Share relevant resources to strengthen personal connections EXPERT TIP Identify information for prospects that shows you care about their success and tag them when you share Engage with insights
  4. 4. Leverage industry data and news on LinkedIn to stay up to date. Stay in the know with timely content EXPERT TIP Find timely articles to share on LinkedIn Pulse and get real-time insights on your saved leads and accounts with Sales Navigator Engage with insights
  5. 5. Leave thoughtful, constructive comments on content your prospects share or join LinkedIn Groups. Engage in discussion where your connections are EXPERT TIP Participating in common groups can reinforce shared interests and goals Engage with insights
  6. 6. Always customize messages using relevant information you have learned about the person on LinkedIn. Use relevant information when reaching out EXPERT TIP Use response rates as a way to gauge success of InMail or connection requests Engage with insights