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35 Inspirational Quotes from Talent Connect San Francisco and London

  1. 25 Quotes from Talent Connect that will
  2. “What really matters in the networked age? Relationships. Relationships help you find opportunities, resources, make decisions more effectively, and manage a long-term investment and a lifetime career.“ Reid Hoffman Executive Chairman and Co- Founder, LinkedIn
  3. “Every time you do something that’s a little bit different, you are going to get some pushback and some questioning. That’s just part of the process. At the end of the day, no risk, no reward.” Stacy Donovan Zapar Candidate Experience and Engagement Strategist, Zappos
  4. “My boss said to me, ‘You have to be the first in the world.’ Being the first is about being daring, taking risks and being unique.” Frédérique Scavennec VP Global Talent Acquisition, L'Oréal
  5. “Curation is a really important aspect to employer branding. The goal of your social channels is to build community, and you do that by providing value. Think about how you can provide value to your audience that’s going to get them more engaged.“ Lars Schmidt Founder, AmplifyTalent
  6. “Involving and aligning with the business are two important elements to becoming a talent partner. There’s a third around creating consistency. And the most critical part in creating consistency is around transparent, proactive & frequent communication.” Melanie Curtis Vice President of Talent Management , Express Scripts
  7. “Behind every digital experience is somebody like you and me. The keyboard is the biggest conversation killer that exists.” Dave Hazlehurst Director & Partner, Ph.Creative
  8. “A good recruiting process focuses and aligns recruiters to deliver the best to the organization. Ultimately, recruiting really should be viewed as a business partner, someone who is critical to the success of the business.” Mathew Caldwell Head of Talent, Instacart
  9. “Social media allows you to make your jobs more human. Tell talent about the people behind your products. Trust your recruiters to be your digital warriors. Don’t second guess it.“ Celinda Appleby Digital Media Program Manager, Hewlett-Packard
  10. “Forget the words Talent Acquisition, forget employer branding and forget employee engagement. We need to talk about experiences.” Zvi Goldfarb Head of the Talent Acquisition Digital Lab, L'Oréal
  11. “Obviously, engaging and recruiting people are closer to you achieving your desired goal, but you can’t do that until you have found them in the first place. Sourcing and finding people is the most important. You can’t recruit, message, or network with someone you haven't found.” Glen Cathey SVP Talent Strategy and Innovation, Kforce
  12. “All of us are a whole lot more than the worst things we've done.” Father Greg Boyle Founder, Homeboy Industries
  13. “We’re looking for people who are focused on their community. We focus our employer brand around community development and our corporate social responsibility programs because that aligns people towards a mission, and that seems to get higher quality candidates.” Kristen Lampert Assistant Vice President, Ziegler
  14. “Engagement has to be human, because people trust people more than brands. Our employees are the ones who personify Shell.” Ana Alonso Global Marketing Head Recruitment , Shell
  15. “Set an incredibly high bar for talent and quality, and never EVER compromise. It’s also important to be objective and make an unbiased hiring decision. I urge you, set a high standard and hold your clients to it. It’s better to grow slowly and have higher quality people. “ Laszlo Bock Senior Vice President, People Operations, Google
  16. “Empower your team. If we did not allow our teams to move fast and make decisions, I don’t think we would have had the success we achieved. Not only does it feed their desire to grow, it allows them learn and develop with real projects.” Suzanne Myers Senior Director, Talent Acquisition, RealPage
  17. “It’s a shame that ambition and ruthlessness is seen one in the same. They are not. Ambition is realizing to champion your career.“ Karren Brady Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge, Vice-Chairman of West Ham FC
  18. “When I think of personas in a recruiting context, personas are a level up from about a target candidate profiles. It gives me the ability to go faster and to focus on the right people.” John Vlastelica Founder & Managing Director, Recruiting Toolbox, Inc.
  19. “A tour of duty doesn’t imply going alone. It implies a group, it implies support, it implies you are going to accomplish something that is audacious and difficult, but you are not ever going to be alone.” Trish Lukasik Senior Vice President, PepsiCo
  20. “Viral is often a flash in the pan. Most brands don’t want to be a flash in the pan today and gone tomorrow. We need to think about how day in and day out we can get our talent brand to be talked about and shared.“ Jonah Berger Professor and Author, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania
  21. “It's not about being politically correct or being nice. Diversity is going to be imperative because it’s critical for our economy and talent pipeline.“ Liz Mackay Head of Talent Acquisition, Philips
  22. “Recruiters should be your brand ambassadors. Trust your recruiters. We put them out there and highlight their social media presence. We’re real, we’re human.“ Mike Bailen Head of Talent / Senior HR Manager, Zappos
  23. “I don't have the budget, time or team, but I've learned to compete through our two main assets: our talent and our story.” Robert Versteeg Head of HR, Witlox Van den Boomen
  24. “You’ve probably heard a million times that content is king. I believe that conversation is king. You all play an insanely important role in making sure your employees are fostering and involved in the conversation.“ Dan Roth Executive Editor, LinkedIn
  25. “I love metrics. That’s the way that you learn. We can all make assumptions, but when you look at the numbers that’s when you know if you’re being effective or not. My rule of thumb is a company page post should get a 0.5% or higher engagement rate.“ Anita McFadden Recruitment Marketing Manager, Covidien
  26. “Inequality is still such a huge problem. It’s more than just gender. There’s many different types, and we need to stand up and address it.“ Alexa Glick, Global Staffing Program Manager, Skype, Microsoft
  27. “We can raise the a talent bar, but you have to do something different. You can't do what you are currently doing today.“ Lou Adler CEO, Adler Group
  28. “Traditionally, what separated an average company from a great company has been technology. We’re in the middle of a transformation. Today, what differentiates an average company from a great company is talent. And you, as talent acquisition leaders, are at the forefront of this.“ Wade Burgess VP Talent Solutions, LinkedIn
  29. “Pick up the phone and talk to that candidate. Give them the verbal handshake and build that relationship so they will trust you. That what it is all about.” Derek Bambrick F.I.R.P International Talent Acquisition Partner, Hertz International
  30. "Let the data tell the story. If you aren’t looking at the data, you are going by gut instinct, which we all cannot afford to do. Use that data to transform your company.” Jenny DeVaughn Senior Director, Employment Branding and Sourcing, ADP
  31. “It’s important to start the career conversation as early as you can. You can wait reactively, but I like to set set up a monthly casual 1-on-1 with each team member to discuss career goals. If it’s a priority for me, it has to be a priority for them.“ Lila Ibrahim Chief Business Officer, Coursera
  32. “I tell clients: brand or be branded. And if they aren’t branding, tell your C-suite that they are saying one of three things: 1) we have nothing interesting to say 2) we’ve got something to hide or 3) we’re not technologically savvy.“ J.T. O’Donnell CEO/Founder, CAREEREALISM
  33. “It goes beyond a candidate’s qualification. How strong of fit is this going to be for what they aspire to do? How well will they fit with your company’s culture? As this candidate grows and as the company grows, make sure that you’ll grow in alignment and grow closer.“ Jeff Weiner CEO, LinkedIn
  34. “I love the activity around inclusion. Transparency has raised awareness and it becomes less scary. The power of women around the world has changed. The digital landscape has opened doors.“ Pat Wadors VP Global Talent, LinkedIn
  35. “What was most important were the relationships. If we didn’t have recruiters who could establish relationships with their candidates and with their hiring managers, then we found that nothing else really mattered. That was the differentiator.“ Jennifer Shappley Senior Director of Talent Acquisition, Express Scripts
  36. “When we become hyper connected with technology and disconnected from ourselves, we lose track of our wisdom, sense of well being and wonder. We need to change that. Recruiters are in an incredible position to create the cultures that accelerate that type of change.“ Arianna Huffington Chair, President, and Editor-in- Chief, Huffington Post
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