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Discover how branding and marketing can help you drive more business [webcast]

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Need a brand boost? We can help! Similar to your website, your company page on LinkedIn is your storefront brand to potential candidate and client prospects.
With more than 18,000 staffing firms in the US, differentiation is more important than ever to our clients.

Learn how you can set your firm apart.

Key takeaways:
- Tips on content planning and engaging your followers
- Best in class practices for utilizing our enhanced branding pages
- Real time metrics you can use to easily monitor your success

Link: http://bit.ly/2eKlp0p

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Discover how branding and marketing can help you drive more business [webcast]

  1. 1. Need A Brand Boost? How to stand out amongst over 18,000 staffing firms Theresa Gschwandtner Media Account Manager NAMER Staffing
  2. 2. 2 Members that engage with your brand are 81% more likely to respond to your InMail2 29% more likely to apply to an open job2 1 LinkedIn Global Staffing Trends Report 2017 2 LinkedIn Internal Data, 2016. Engaged member = any member that was a follower, viewed your career page, viewed one of your jobs, or was exposed to one of your ads within 60 days prior to receiving an InMail #1 Challenge for staffing firms in 2017 is the competition for talent 82% Of staffing leaders agree that investing in their firm’s brand generates new business 74% Staffing firms believe LinkedIn is the best channel to puilt a recruitment firm’s brand Branding - why does it matter?
  3. 3. INTRODUCING THE NEW LinkedIn Company Pages Updated look-and-feel Making it much easier for you to tell your brand’s story A dedicated admin experience Easier editing and page management experience, including in-line editing Measure impact Redesigned analytics dashboard makes it easier to monitor page engagement and improve performance
  4. 4. will help members conveniently discover and engage with brands New layout Cover image Company tagline
  5. 5. Dedicated admin experience makes it easier to edit and manage the Company Page You can now preview changes before publishing “Updates” now has its own tab in the admin view New in-line edit experience
  6. 6. helps admins find most important features More intuitive navigation Easily toggle between viewing updates you’ve posted to your page and Direct Sponsored Content* More options to manage your posts * To learn more about Direct Sponsored Content, visit our LinkedIn Help Center.
  7. 7. Enhanced analytics dashboard Measure visitor growth and frequency; understand the demographics of talent you attract Measure impact on job engagement and pipeline
  8. 8. Best in Class Examples
  9. 9. New page layout without enhanced view
  10. 10. Jobs tab enables to showcase relevant opportunities
  11. 11. Enhanced page adds rich content, customized experience
  12. 12. ©2015 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Custom Views Structure
  13. 13. Custom View by Company Need
  14. 14. Custom View by Company Need
  15. 15. Custom View by Industry
  16. 16. Custom View by Geo
  17. 17. ©2015 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Showcasing Your Talent
  18. 18. Showcasing Your Employees: Executive Team
  19. 19. Showcasing Your Employees: Industry Specific
  20. 20. Showcasing Your Employees: Geo based
  21. 21. ©2015 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Turn Your Employees Into Thought Leaders
  22. 22. Winter Wyman speaks to all their target audiences Thought Leadership: Client, Internal, Candidate
  23. 23. Local, customized employee perspectives position Hays’ employees as thought leaders Thought Leadership: By Geo
  24. 24. Industry specific thought leadership by Network Marketing Thought Leadership: By Industry
  25. 25. Besides helping you to stand out of 18k staffing companies on LinkedIn, charter customers have seen a significant increase in performance of their LinkedIn investment +175% +60% Increase in Job Views Increase in Unique Page Views
  26. 26. Next Steps Additional Resources  Company Page Deep Dive for Admins  The Next Generation of LinkedIn Career Pages  New Career Page Look Book  Career Page Makeover in 3 Steps  Career Page Checklist Questions  Please reach out to your LinkedIn representative and feel free to reference this webinar