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Celebrating 12 Years of LinkedIn with 12 Stories of Success

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Today on our 12th anniversary, we want to celebrate our members – and thank you – for coming along with us on our journey. We’re inspired every single day by your accomplishments, ambition, optimism – and smarts. Here are just 12 of the many stories – and people – that remind us why we do what we do. http://blog.linkedin.com/2015/05/05/why-we-do-what-we-do

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  • Wow! That's great! 12 for 12! But, of course, that’s just a sample of what the advantages can be for more of us when we really start getting more concerned about substantial commitment rather than about raking in numbers. You know me. And, here I go, again: we've got so many kings and queens of this jungle who are apparently more concerned about digital popularity than we are about sticking with the original idea. So, there are roughly 20 million linkedin members; 7,575 views of this great work you enable others to do; and only 2 comments with respect to these amazing slides. I don't hate to say it since someone may be offended. So I won't. All that aside, I personally think that Linkedin, in concept and in practice, is incredibly phenomenal (I’m not sucking up … … just gravitating). For sure, if Facebook had your wholesome face it wouldn’t need all that useless, ugly, invasive junk on it. Thank you Linkedin for sparing us all that sort of rotten SPAM! Linkedin? You Rock! But this doesn’t only include the operation, but, for me, also in this picture are few of our members, as well. Truly, I really respect and admire people and organizations who've got substance for brains instead of a lot of bad air. You Rock!
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  • Thanks to LinkedIn I now don't have a CV page on my website any more.
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Celebrating 12 Years of LinkedIn with 12 Stories of Success

  1. 1. At LinkedIn, we’re inspired every single day by our members’ accomplishments, ambition, optimism – and smarts.
  2. 2. Today on our 12th anniversary, we want to celebrate you by sharing 12 of the many stories from people who remind us why we do what we do.
  3. 3. See her transformation Lora Poepping President, Plum Job Search Strategies Seattle, Washington Lora took getting laid off as an opportunity to transform her career. She built her professional brand on LinkedIn, started her own company, and now helps others get the jobs they’ve been wanting.
  4. 4. Check out his story Theo used LinkedIn to keep in touch with colleagues, prove his skills, and get an internship that turned into his full-time job. Theo Leveque Community Manager and Web Marketer, Montpotager.com Lyon, France
  5. 5. Caroline Nassif Project Architect, Lundberg Design Berkeley, California See her impact Caroline found a seat on a nonprofit board that needed her skills, passions, and talents in architecture. Now she’s giving back to her community.
  6. 6. Hiba took her career into her own hands by getting in touch with a recruiter at her dream company – and landing exactly the job she wanted. Hear her tips Hiba Balfaqih HR & Admin Director, Kcal Healthy Fast Foods Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  7. 7. Jess Ratty Brand Communications Manager, Crowdfunder Cornwall, England See how her career grew Jess went from being a waitress to a small business owner with the help of her LinkedIn network. Next step? She got offered an amazing opportunity at a company she’s thrilled to work for.
  8. 8. David, blind since birth, doesn’t let his disability get in the way of pursuing his passion. He’s been a successful recruiter for more than 30 years – and LinkedIn is his go-to tool. You'll want to watch this David Hume Principal, HR Network Consulting Melbourne, Australia
  9. 9. Nicolette took the driver’s seat in her own job search by creating a LinkedIn ad campaign about herself, targeted at her college alumni – and landed her dream internship. Dive into her strategy Nicolette Weinbaum Student, Villanova University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  10. 10. See how she changed the conversation Kara is reaching audiences she never could before by sharing unique financial insights and information on LinkedIn. Kara Segreto CMO, Prudential Retirement New York City, New York
  11. 11. Gaurav Varma Global MBA Candidate, Temple University New Delhi, India Read his advice Gaurav explored international business schools on LinkedIn. The result? He found the perfect school to help him build his career.
  12. 12. Follow her journey Akita has kept up with her professional network on LinkedIn through 5 jobs across 4 countries. Akita Somani Business Leader, Loyalty Solutions, MasterCard Singapore
  13. 13. Read how he's changing lives Hiring a former Marine changed Evan’s perspective and inspired him to keep helping and hiring veterans. He’s now using LinkedIn to help change the lives of even more vets who’ve come home. Evan Guzman Head of Military Programs and Veteran Affairs – Global Talent Acquisition, Verizon New York City, New York
  14. 14. Conor wanted to break free from the status quo. He used LinkedIn to transform the way his company reaches customers so they could simplify their work lives. See how his company soared Conor Shaw Vice President General Business and Partner Channels, SAP Dublin, Ireland