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6 Key Lessons from Advertising Week Europe

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The 6 Most Important Lessons of Ad Week Europe. and how you can put that thinking into practice on LinkedIn.

The major marketing festivals are always filled with big ideas. There are the lightning rod issues that every speaker and delegate wants to talk about, the big themes that seem to spring from so many sources simultaneously, the new strategies that become buzzwords overnight.

The challenge that every marketer walks away with is what on earth to actually do with all this new thinking once the dust settles. Can you turn it into a game-plan that will deliver benefits to your brand and the bottom line?

We decided to take a closer look at the most high-profile new ideas to come out of one of the biggest marketing events of the year: last month’s Ad Week Europe. Once the dust had settled, what could marketers like us actually do to apply these lessons to their strategy? How should they change their tactics? And how could LinkedIn help?

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6 Key Lessons from Advertising Week Europe

  1. 1. Hilal Koc Partner Program Manager, EMEA Fiona Gallagher UK Field Marketing Manager Live Webcast Tuesday, May 31 2016, 10:00 BST
  2. 2. Before we get started… Q U E S T I O N S ? Send them via Q&A feature R E C O R D E D ? Of course! S H A R E D ? Presentation will also be shared
  3. 3. D R I V I N G C U S T O M E R - C E N T R I C G R O W T H
  4. 4. Brand Purpose should be based on customer need A D D C O L O R T O P E O P L E S L I V E S Link everything to a clear brand purpose 80% 32%
  5. 5. Driver 1. Purpose-led A D D C O L O R T O P E O P L E S L I V E S Brand communications1 Integrated in total marketing mix2 North Star for all decisions3 Societal movement4
  6. 6. Steps to success L I S T E N T O Y O U R A U D I E N C E B E A U T H E N T I C L E V E R A G E E M P L O Y E E S & I N T E R N A L E X P E R T S A P P L Y A C R O S S A L L T O U C H P O I N T S L E V E R A G E D A T A
  7. 7. Leverage employees 10,000 views of David Hone’s posts (100x the views on David’s own blog) David went from zero to 1,845 followers in one month Social actions and viral activity increased reach by 86% High levels of engagement with posts generating 37 comments
  8. 8. Business is Great 30,000 followers for the Business is GREAT Showcase Page 10,000 followers added organically 25% read Business is GREAT updates at least once a week 62% only follow Business is GREAT on LinkedIn
  9. 9. 61M senior-level influencers 40M decision makers 10.7M opinion leaders 6.8M C-level execs 22.8M Mass Affluent 4.1M IT decision makers 433Mprofessionals are on LinkedIn The largest global community of professionals
  10. 10.  Engage your prospects with relevant content in the world’s only professional feed — and beyond Sponsored Content Build customer relationships at every stage of the buyer’s journey by targeting content to your most valuable audiences wherever they spend their time.
  11. 11. “If you buy a pair of trainers and don’t like them, you can always take them back. In B2B the implications are a lot bigger – and therefore the choice is a lot more emotional’’ Laura Milsted, MD Interprise
  12. 12. Steps to success A L I G N W I T H D E E P E R M O T I V A T I O N S H U M A N I S E T H E B R A N D I N T E G R A T E H U M O U R M E E T E X P E C T A T I O N S
  13. 13. Reached almost two million new auto buyers in Germany, Sweden, Turkey and Portugal Conversion rates trebled auto industry benchmarks Awarded ‘Best Digital Media Idea of 2015’ at the prestigious Deutscher Mediapreis
  14. 14. 833 registrations for the EY Alumni Network in just 6 days Open rate of 53% and click- through rate of 67% Huge engagement levels among existing employees exceeding industry and EY benchmarks
  15. 15. Ad blocking is a consumer reaction against marketing’s unrestrained use of technology Solutions that threaten or penalise the consumer won’t work
  16. 16. Steps to success M U S T D E L I V E R V A L U E A D D C O N T E N T C O N T E X T I S K I N G
  17. 17. Reach professionals in a place of purpose
  18. 18.  Send timely, convenient, and relevant private message for direct personal appeal LinkedIn Sponsored InMail
  19. 19. FixDex Inc., 201-500, Internet Member of networking Groups Senior Individual Contributor Male London, UK COMPANY NAME INDUSTRYSIZE SCHOOL LOCATION JOB TITLE SENIORITY FUNCTION Southampton FIELD OF STUDY Computer Science DEGREE Bachelor’s GRADUATION 2007, 30AGE CCNP, virtualization, cloudSKILLS Senior Network engineer GENDER GROUPS IP
  20. 20. Baume & Mercier Moments of Success For the Italian private events, held in Rome and Milan the LinkedIn campaign delivered a response rate of over 50% 216 of those responding went on to attend the Italian events, with 157 providing contact details Click through rates of up to four times the benchmark, with up to 15% of those receiving InMails going on to attend Grew CRM database by 1,200 new members, who opted in for ongoing engagement with Baume & Mercier
  21. 21. C A N N O T R E L Y O N B R O A D C A S T C H A N N E L S T O D E M O N S T R A T E R E L E V A N C E A N D V A L U E A G E O F P E R S O N A L I S E D , O N E - T O - O N E E X P E R I E N C E S
  22. 22. Adobe on LinkedIn  Successfully built credibility and changed perception Sponsored Content proved to be an effective way to shape marketers’ perceptions of Adobe in the digital marketing field. After exposure to Adobe’s Sponsored Content, marketing decision-makers were: 50% more likely to agree that “Adobe is shaping the future of digital marketing” 2.5x more likely to agree that Adobe’s Sponsored Content “captured their attention” 79% more likely to agree that “Adobe can help me optimise my media spend”
  23. 23. Steps to success I D E N T I F Y R I G H T A U D I E N C E S L I S T E N B U I L D O N E T O O N E T R U S T D O N ’ T O V E R T A R G E T
  24. 24. The world’s professionals come to LinkedIn for knowledge Industry News Expert Advice Professional Learning Peer Insights Peer Recommendations 500+ Influencers
  25. 25. Monitor the conversation  Consider if your brand has a relevant response L I N K E D I N P U L S E T R E N D I N G C O N T E N T L I N E W S F E E D
  26. 26.  Creating one to one experiences Fruit of the Loom
  27. 27.  But don’t over-target! Target audiences want relevant content Let your audience know this message is relevant for them but don’t go overboard i.e.. “Hi London event planner working at an enterprise level company…”
  28. 28. M E A S U R E M E N T R E M A I N S T H E K E Y C H A L L E N G E O N C O N T E N T
  29. 29. Steps to success T E S T & O P T I M I S E I D E N T I F Y M O S T I M P O R T A N T M E T R I C S A L I G N R E P O R T I N G T E R M I N O L G O Y
  30. 30. Tactical Plan
  31. 31. Different metrics and terminology by funnel stage T O P O F F U N N E L Brand Recall Engagement Audience Analytics Full funnel goals and tracking metrics R E A C H N U R T U R E L O W E R F U N N E L MQLS & SQLS Cost per Lead Cost per conversion
  32. 32. Always be A/B testing CTR: 0.79%" CTR: 0.72%" CTR: 0.76%" CTR: 0.93%"
  33. 33. Use Campaign Manager to optimise & measure
  34. 34. Steps to success C R E A T E P O S I T I V E E N V I R O N M E N T P R O V I D E F R A M E W O R K B U T L E T O T H E R S T E L L T H E S T O R Y F I N D N E W W A Y S T O C O L L A B O R A T E
  35. 35. Lessons from Boaty McBoatface Check out LinkedIn Marketing Solutions EMEA blog for full story U N D E R S T A N D W H O Y O U A R E A S K I N G T O G E T I N V O L V E D
  36. 36. Great examples on LinkedIn #AdobeRemix project, which invited the creative community to express that creativity to reinvent the brand’s logo
  37. 37. AWE lessons  Summary
  38. 38. Q U E S T I O N S & A N S W E R S