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Guide Your Career Path Using LinkedIn's Alumni Tool

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Did you know LinkedIn can assist you with choosing which university to attend, and which courses to study by seeing what other alumni and professionals have done before? Have you ever wondered which companies have hired graduates specific to your university or your field of studies? These tips will help you best use LinkedIn’s alumni tools to make these decisions so you can be great at what you do.

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Guide Your Career Path Using LinkedIn's Alumni Tool

  1. 1. Topic 5: How to Guide Your Career Path Using LinkedIn’s Alumni Tool
  2. 2. Well, with LinkedIn’s Alumni tool on your side, you can seriously improve your chances… Read and resolve to make this tool your trusted ally. It could well be your path to enlightenment -- even your dream job. If we told you it was possible to map a path to your ideal career would you say it sounded too good to be true?
  3. 3. If you’ve been following the series you’ll already be something of an expert in a few things that will come in handy here. Topic 1 covered the importance of having a super profile – one that lists all your accomplishments, so that you can easily be found by others.
  4. 4. Topic 2 was all about why, when it comes to forging a great career, relationships are crucial. We learned that the secret is to start with your immediate network. Connections are about who you know. Where your network comes in handy, is when they know someone else who may be able to help you on your path. Then your connection may be able to introduce you…
  5. 5. Topic 3 showed how you can leverage the mighty power of LinkedIn to find your first job or internship. We saw that it’s all about optimizing your profile, asking your connections for assistance and making the most of all the many ways you can search for jobs on Linkedin’s central database.
  6. 6. Topic 4 showed us the value of keeping your network engaged and how giving and receiving advice, along with insights from thought leaders could help transform your career.
  7. 7. In our fifth and final topic of the series, we’ll explore how your university classmates and alumni could become your greatest allies in helping to unlock opportunities - and secure your ideal position. Let’s jump right in...
  8. 8. Step 1: Prepare for your journey Did you know LinkedIn can assist you with choosing which university to attend, and which course to study by seeing what most people have done before?
  9. 9. Say you know you’d love to work in the field of ‘design’ in the future but you’re not sure which course to take or what kind of career a course might lead to afterwards. LinkedIn could help you find the answers.
  10. 10. It could also provide valuable suggestions of which universities to consider attending based on the career paths of their alumni. If you search for ‘design’ on LinkedIn’s ‘field of study’ explorer or ‘university finder’ it will bring up valuable info on people who studied design and the schools they attended.
  11. 11. So you’re in the midst of your university studies and no doubt you’re asking yourself a lot of questions. Who am I? What should I do with my life? While we don’t have a crystal ball that holds all the answers, we can certainly help you with planning your next steps. Step 2: Set the wheels in motion
  12. 12. LinkedIn’s Alumni tool is a great place to start. It offers powerful, personalised insights about studying and career possibilities, based on your educational choices.
  13. 13. Gathering information from more than 347 million members, it helps you explore graduate career paths from thousands of colleges and universities worldwide. Use the Alumni tool to start mapping your future career now. It could help you build relationships that last throughout your working life.
  14. 14. Why not compare the skills and career paths of alumni to your own? Take a look at graduates from your university and field of study, and then filter in companies or industries you are interested in.
  15. 15. See where graduates from your university and field of study live, the kind of jobs they do and the companies they work for. LinkedIn’s data makes it simple to drill down into specific career areas.
  16. 16. Filter dates to track careers of specific graduating classes. This will help you find people you might know or anyone you might want to reach out to.
  17. 17. The Alumni tool is also useful for those trying to select a postgraduate program. Not sure where to study or what degree to go for next? Check the profiles of graduates with careers closely aligned to your own personal goals.
  18. 18. Search for a school, select the field of study and LinkedIn will generate a handy list of companies that have hired graduates from that specific establishment.
  19. 19. Let’s say you want to be a marketing manager for an international airline. Use the Alumni tool to track down a Marketing Manager at Virgin America and see how she got to where she wanted to be. The next step is to identify alumni who are living your dream right now. Aim high!
  20. 20. Take note of the career path that took her from school to her current position. You could be scooping an industry award for your latest successful campaign before you know it.
  21. 21. Don’t be shy. Get in touch and ask for insights and help from what they’ve learned along the way. Make it your habit to research the profiles of alumni that inspire you.
  22. 22. Whatever way you use the Alumni tool, remember to always reach out in the right way. Always write a personalized message that explains who you are, how you came across their profile and what help you think they might be able to offer you.
  23. 23. Step 3: Realising you’ve arrived Graduating is a bitter-sweet moment you’ll never forget. It’s a strange feeling, finally getting that degree in your hands. But after you’ve hung up your cap and gown, don’t forget to stay in the loop with your old university friends and alumni.
  24. 24. Find out who’s doing what and where. They might need a new co-worker or be able to put you in touch with someone integral to your dream role.
  25. 25. And, once you’re all settled into a job you love, remember to give back. Inspire others that were once in your shoes by sharing industry knowledge and insights.
  26. 26. Point them in the direction of people that can help them. Build students up and inspire them. Who knows - one day you might be working with them.
  27. 27. And there you have it! A guide to getting the most out of LinkedIn’s amazing Alumni tool.
  28. 28. Remember these key points and in no time, you’ll be the one others come to for career advice! We wish you every success forging your dream career – go get ‘em! It’s never too early to start planning your career. You can use LinkedIn’s University Finder to help you decide which university to go to. While you’re in school, use LinkedIn’s University tool to help you decide which courses might help you develop the skills you need to land your ideal job. Use LinkedIn after graduation to keep in touch with former classmates. Former classmates might be able to offer you great advice or point you in the direction of an opportunity. When you reach out to people, make sure you’re doing it the right way. Send a personalised message explaining who you are and how the person can help.