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Laws of Attraction

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This presentation is from a recent interactive session we held in our EMEA HQ where we had a series of speakers discussing the 'Laws of Attraction', a trend that came from last year's Talent Connect, of how a strong employer brand and content marketing strategy can impact hiring the best talent.

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Laws of Attraction

  1. 1. Laws of Attraction
  2. 2. Agenda 9.30am: Registration and Networking 10.00am: Welcome & introductions 10.10am: EMEA Hiring and Industry Insights 10.40am: Embrace Content Marketing 11.00am: Guest panel 11.30am: Group Discussion & Close
  3. 3. 6 Transformational Trends from Talent Connect
  4. 4. Who’s in the Room? Most Popular Most Endorsed Earliest Adopter Most Connected Erica Skelly Kevin Daly Elizabeth O'Hanlon Jennifer Chamberlaine
  5. 5. EMEA Hiring & Industry Insights Richard Liddington EMEA Talent Acquisition Manager linkedin.com/in/richardliddington
  6. 6. Who am I? 12 years in Recruitment – Both Agency & In-House International Experience – UK, Ireland & Middle East Doha to Dublin 4th year with LinkedIn – Employee 151 Lead Sales recruitment in Ireland
  7. 7. Hiring at LinkedIn - An insight into how it works & what do we do differently? How does LinkedIn recruit? 100% Direct Sourcing 4 Sources of Hire – Direct, Referral, Internal & Recruiter Understanding of Market The Approach Initial contact Formal Process Talent Analytics & Talent Flows
  8. 8. The Sourcing Model Team of Sourcers targeting Passive Talent Focus on roles with a Longer TTH Active Roles – Quota Carrying Backfill Non Active Roles - Leadership (Succession Planning) Market Mapping – Who, Where & How Many Allows TA to stay ahead of the business & “Build a Bench”
  9. 9. Success Story – Deirdre McGinn  TAM Search highlighted 120 – 130 suitable profiles  Deirdre was identified & InMailed  Passive in the UK  Not right time  Invited to Executive Event – Actively Engaged with LinkedIn  Role approved with LinkedIn Dublin for a Senior Sales Leader  Interviewed & Hired  Total Time – 1 year
  10. 10. What is your Brand on LinkedIn? Brand is not just the role of Marketing. Talent Acquisition & Business Managers play a crucial role Don’t just share links to job descriptions. Be an active ambassador for your team and company. Post Blogs, Team Photos’, Rich Media or share industry news & insights Deirdre McGinn
  11. 11. What do your candidates say about you? Candidate experience plays an important role in the success or failure in your Talent Attraction strategy. Does your business treat unsuccessful candidates in the same way it does the successful ones?
  12. 12. How to Improve Candidate Experience What did we do? Focused on the Interview Experience Co-Ordination – Clear & Interactive Meet & Greet – punctual & polite Interview Room – Set up & tidy Hiring Managers – Prepared, Structured, Professional & Inspirational Feedback & Follow Up – Be Open, Honest & Constructive
  13. 13. Remember this…
  14. 14. 4 Recruitment Trends Affecting Talent Attraction in Ireland 1. Diversity – Are you viewed as an Inclusive Employer? Not just Gender but LGBTQ and Multi National. Diversity of Thought is equally as important what will employees learn when they join you? 2. Brand Ireland – “Dublin, it’s not London or Paris”. Perception that it’s small, limited work / life balance, expensive and for junior to mid workforce to get international experience
  15. 15. 3. Baby Boom – Ireland is experiencing a Baby Boom. What are you doing as an employer to not only retain Talent with children but be seen as an employer who welcomes & caters for Parents. What are your benefits, policies and facilities for Parents? 4Housing & Schools – Perception is that its difficult and expensive to rent in Dublin.
  16. 16. The Evolution of an Effective Employer Brand Rob Leach Solutions Consultant ie.linkedin.com/in/robertsleach
  17. 17. Today’s Topics  Stages of Employer Branding  Broadcasting your Brand  Activating Employee Ambassadors  Creating the Emotional Connection  Q&A
  18. 18. 19 The Three Stages of an Employer Brand 19 Broadcast Employees Emotion Information & channels that you control Enabling your employees to promote your brand Creating an emotional connection with your brand
  19. 19. Broadcasting your Brand
  20. 20. “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know your doing it, but no one else does” E.W. Howe
  21. 21. If Talent isn’t actively looking, how will they know that you are hiring?
  22. 22. Every candidate you have ever hired has been on the same journey
  23. 23. Unaware Aware ConsideringHired
  24. 24. Employer Brand is your companion on this journey Unaware Aware Considering Hired
  25. 25. Broadcast your brand through targeted advertising Reach out to potential candidates and convert them into followers 300% Follower base increase - Symphony Teleca
  26. 26. Ensure you are always top of mind Relevant content Encourages likes & shares Broadcast through content updates uplift in click through rates for updates 25% the usual content traffic 3x Sponsored Content
  27. 27. Page visitors see the content that is relevant to them ≤ 400% increases in candidate conversions achievable with targeted content IMAGES VIDEOS JOBS Your brand on your career page
  28. 28. Activating Employee Ambassadors
  29. 29. Activate your Employees to amplify your LinkedIn impact
  30. 30. When employees share jobs & build their personal networks, they improve your ability to hire * Calculated by comparing the number of applications per job for jobs shared by non recruiter employees vs jobs not shared % more job applications* Jobs shared by employees yield more likely to respond to an InMail** ** Looking at response rate for inmails sent via recruiter to members who had a connection within the company vs those that did not % Members connected to your employees are
  31. 31. ... and new hires connected to your employees are often a better fit for your company % lower initial attrition rate1 for hires impacted2 by employees 1 Initial attrition rate is calculated as employees leaving the company within 6 months of joining 2 Hires impacted is Measured as Profile views, connections, inmails sent by the new hire 12 to 1 months prior to starting the job
  32. 32. How does this work?
  33. 33. Job switchers have long relied on their personal networks to discover new opportunities more trusted to provide credible information on what it’s like to work at a company x Compared to a CEO or media spokesperson employees are Think about different types of information you may read, see or hear about a company. For each topic, select which person you trust most to provide you with credible and honest information about a company 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer Annual Global Study
  34. 34. Today, many of those personal interactions happen online *What channels do you use to look for new job opportunities. Global Talent Trends 2015 inInteracted** with employees from their current job on LinkedIn before being hired Millions of members change jobs every month Use social professional networks to discover new opportunities* % ** Measured as profile views, connections, inmails sent by the new hire 12 to 1 month prior to starting the job Of job switchers use LinkedIn to research potential employers and jobs*** % *** Source: LinkedIn survey, Why & How People Change Jobs, (Mar 2015). “during your recent job change experience, did you use LinkedIn to…
  35. 35. Your employees are connected to a huge network of qualified talent Average Follower Network VS Average Employee Network x larger than your company followers
  36. 36. And they can naturally engage this network via their LinkedIn presence On the profile page Looking at employee profiles is the top activity of job switchers on the LinkedIn platform On the newsfeed On your career page Researching companies is one of the top 5 job switcher activities. Laura Taylor Laura Taylor
  37. 37. Enable employees to impact your next hires
  38. 38. Encourage your employees to populate their profiles with their current roles and company VS Companies with high profile completeness have 1 Conversion calculated as job views within 14 days of a profile view for companies with low (<30% of employees) profile completeness companies vs high (>70% of employees) profile completeness companies %higher conversion1 from profile view to job view
  39. 39. Prompt opportunities for employees to engage with and share company sponsored content Note: Engagement data from Jan 2015; Engagement stands for clicks + social gestures (shares / posts / comments / likes) 1. “Company Content/employees” defined as engagement with: 1) Company Status updates, 2) Employee Influencer posts, 3) Employee Long-form posts, 4) Employee shares/posts …But they increase overall engagement by of employees engage with their company’s content… % %
  40. 40. 41 Active, socially engaged employees will maximize your LinkedIn investment  Increase job views & inMail responses  Improve quality hires  Amplify candidate reach and impact via your employee’s professional networks
  41. 41. Build your ambassador program in 3 steps
  42. 42. Three steps to unite your own employees to help build your brand 43 Building a brand ambassador program Educate & Inform Engage & Encourage Measure & Monitor
  43. 43. Creating an Emotional Connection
  44. 44. Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today. - Robert McAfee Brown
  45. 45. “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” Seth Godin
  46. 46. Your Employee Value Proposition: The attributes that you most want associated with your company Employer Branding : The delivery of your EVP across every communication touch point both internal and external Talent Brand: The highly social, totally public version of your employer brand incorporating what talent thinks, feels and shares about your company as a place to work (tA) Setting the foundation “If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.” Rudyard Kipling
  47. 47. Humour & Nostalgia 48 Dropbox
  48. 48. Aspiration & Family 49 GE
  49. 49. Aspiration & Humour 50 GE
  50. 50. Inspiration 51 L’Oreal
  52. 52. Laws of Attraction Panel Noel Dowling Technical Recruitment Officer Ergo Anita Walsh HR Manager at Ward Solutions Richard Liddington EMEA Talent Acquisition Manager LinkedIn Rob Leach EMEA Media Solutions LinkedIn
  53. 53. Thank You!