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LinkedIn Sponsored Content - Most Engaging Jul - Sept 2016

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The most effective LinkedIn Sponsored Content tactics

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LinkedIn Sponsored Content - Most Engaging Jul - Sept 2016

  1. 1. Tips from some of LinkedIn’s most engaging posts in Europe and the Middle East JULY - SEPTEMBER 2016
  2. 2. Tip #1: Members come to LinkedIn to learn about trends Recent LinkedIn research reveals that news and industry trends are the most engaging types of content in the LinkedIn feed. Tap into the desire of professionals to stay informed.
  3. 3. Tip #2: Give value, receive engagement Share insights and include a call-to-action to engage further beyond the click.
  4. 4. Tip #3: Showcase people Celebrating others, giving thanks, or even just offering readers a glimpse of not just the company as a collective unit, but the individuals behind the logo, are all social media best practices that you should incorporate into your content.
  5. 5. Tip #1: Appeal to aspiration Many professionals use LinkedIn resources to grow their career. If your program is designed to help them do that, make it clear in your content promotions.
  6. 6. Tip #2: Be specific about the value your services offer Generic ad copy is simply not enough to break through the noise of the news feed. This post from London Business School breaks the “short copy” rule effectively by using text to delve into program details.
  7. 7. Tip #3: Promote your networks Boost membership to your offline social networks by putting a bit of paid promotion behind the membership drive
  8. 8. Tip #1: Share your history Whether you are a new company just creating your founder’s story, or a decades-old company with stories to tell from the past, corporate storytelling is not an old content trend. It can still be effective to encourage awareness and affiliation.
  9. 9. Tip #2: Use visuals effectively Not all visuals are created equal. An image that is not just attention- grabbing, but also adds context to your message, is the best use of a large-format image in your sponsored content.
  10. 10. Tip #3: Help your public navigate through change Putting change into business context is the most obvious angles to take on LinkedIn, but many marketers forget to tailor their message to a professional mindset.
  11. 11. Tip #1: Promote employee- generated content Career advice is best received when it comes from someone who has already demonstrated success. If your employees are writing, share their content and give it a boost with a bit of budget.
  12. 12. Tip #2: Research and data are always welcome Just remember to be audience-first and talk about the reader benefit in your post.
  13. 13. Tip #3: Have fun Content should not be boring. On occasion, turn a helpful article towards a playful tone to break through the clutter of news and analysis.
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