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The 2016 LinkedIn Content Trends Showcase

  1. Sponsored Content
  2. 89% of B2B Content Marketers Are Using LinkedIn So how do you ensure yours gets visibility? By sponsoring it. Sponsoring your best content is step one to earning more views, but the way you write the update has a massive impact on how much engagement you earn. The following examples are designed to inspire your creative streak and help you generate the most social media engagement you can with the content you create. Source: Content Marketing Institute 2017 Trends Report
  3. Taking a content-heavy white paper and condensing its value into 140 characters with a call-to-action is an art, and when it’s done well the results are high engagement. 4 Get back to the basics
  4. “Evergreen” content was the play of the day in 2015, but 2016 saw the professional platform follow the social media suit as a place for people to get not just news, but timely analysis and opinion. 5 Help your audience understand news, trends and their impacts
  5. Marketers have gone from relying heavily on curated content, to focusing more on in-house content production. However, great advice and insights come from many places. Messages written elsewhere can still be valuable to your audience. 6 Curated content is still part of the mix, but to a lesser degree
  6. Sometimes even a professional audience is in the mood for something lightweight or entertaining. Yes, your thought leadership content has a home on LinkedIn, but so does some of your “consumer” content- just test and learn what works for your brand and your audience. 7 Test lightweight topics
  7. Robots will replace human jobs, right? That’s been the party line in the humans-vs.-technology debate. This article by Bloomberg argues that both can co-exist peacefully. 8 Take a contrary position
  8. Whether it’s a 3-D printed cement castle or a firefighting machine that looks like a supersized power tool, the “wow” factor of industrial technology strikes a chord with the LinkedIn audience. 9 “Cool” technology goes viral
  9. There may never be a shortage of resume or career advice on LinkedIn, so finding a white space in these areas is tough. This post manages to offer a “disruptive” view on the traditional resume, and it earns a high engagement rate as a result. 10 And, of course, career and CV advice are always welcome
  10. Consumer product promotions on LinkedIn are nothing new, and with an automobile promotion making into our top performers list this year, perhaps next year will see an increase in the crossover from B2B and B2C. 11 Professionals are consumers, too
  11. Video 12
  12. YouTube and Vimeo have long been video platforms that play natively on LinkedIn, but this year saw a rise in YouTube-hosted video promotions. This one from IBM shows why: video can still tell a story in a way no other medium can. 13 Share YouTube videos for organic auto-play and in- feed viewing
  13. Recruiting and LinkedIn go together like summer and ice cream, and in this example, so do video and recruitment advertising. The video shows the “work hard but have fun” mentality that this agency clearly embodies, and in a way that is funny and engaging. 14 Humour works on LinkedIn- and it stands out
  14. Not all videos are created equal, however. This one from Sonos works because you can understand the message, and the humour, without having to turn your sound on. 15 Consumer products + entertaining video = success
  15. How do you tell a long story to an audience with a limited attention span? Time-lapse video is one way. This example from TaskEasy gets a message across loud and clear, and makes getting in touch very easy with a call-to-action embedded into the video. 16 Speaking of videos that engage without sound…
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