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Top Hacks to Prepare Your Employer Brand for a Hiring Spike

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Slides from our recent webinar presented by Priyanka Malik and Julian Constance talking through their top tips to help companies get prepared for a surge in hiring.

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Top Hacks to Prepare Your Employer Brand for a Hiring Spike

  1. 1. 15th January 2019 Top Hacks to Prepare Your Employer Brand for a Hiring Spike Priyanka Malik Senior Employer Brand Consultant Julian Constance Global Employer Brand Consultant
  2. 2. 1. Employer brand – what is it, and why is it important? Creating your employer brand Drive a successful campaign strategy 2. 3. Today’s agenda 4a. Plan & Prioritize Campaigns 4b. Research Audiences 4c. Deploy Campaign Media 4d. Track Campaign Success 4. Building efficiency: Working smarter, not harder 5. Case studies
  3. 3. Firstly, what is an employer brand? An employer brand is effectively the perception employees and the general public hold of a company as an employer. You can help build this perception by showcasing your organisation’s culture and values, and the things that make you different to other organisations. Employer branding, then, is the messaging you present to employees and how you market your company to the people you'd like to work for you.
  4. 4. A strong brand attracts strong candidates of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job Source: LinkedIn 75% 56% of job seekers ranked employer brand as the deciding factor when choosing an employer Source: LinkedIn
  5. 5. And this is why it matters #1 67% The #1 thing candidates want to know about a company they might apply to, is what the company culture is like. Social and professional networks received the most votes amongst job seekers as the most useful resource during a job search. 67% of job seekers expect it to be a more significant job search resource in the next 5 years. 91% of employers believe social media will become more significant as a source of hire in the next 5 years. Social media and Social Recruiting Software top the list as the #1 planned technology investment of 2017, with over half (52%) saying they plan to continue or increase investment. 91% Source:: CareerArc 2017
  6. 6. And this is why it matters 64% 55% 64% of job seekers say that a poor candidate experience would make them less likely to purchase goods and services from that employer. Virgin Media has worked out that this used to cost them over $5m annually. Negative reviews are discouraging potential applicants. The majority (55%) of job seekers report having abandoned a job application after reading a negative review about that employer. A third of all employees and job seekers share negative reviews. 33% of job seekers reported having shared at least one negative review of a previous or prospective employer. Those who leave online negative reviews are also 66% more likely to spread those opinions on social media, compared to those who only convey their opinions directly with a friend or colleague. 33% Source:: CareerArc 2017
  7. 7. These are the talent pools on which you should focus your attention Choose your buisness- critical talent Speak to your top performers in these talent pools to work out what they love about working at your organisation, why they stay and what would make them move Understand what's important to these talent pools Decide on the best channels and platforms on which to push out your content, and be sure to track performance Deploy and track success Highlight the elements of your culture, values and organisation that you know will resonate with key talent pools, and make them want to work for you Create key messages with visuals 1 2 34 Create and deploy your employer brand A step-by-step guide to creating your employer brand, and using it to attract top talent
  8. 8. But creating and deploying your employer brand is only half the battle – how do you cut-through the noise being made by your competitors?
  9. 9. What types of members would you rather your recruiters reach out to? Cold Member A cold member does not know who you are as a company or likely never engaged with your company Warm Member A warm member has a good idea of who you are as an employer Applied Unaware Aware Engage Lead *Warm member = Visiting company/ career page, viewing a job, following your company, impressions and clicks on recruitment ads and clicks/social actions on updates.
  10. 10. How do we enable you to recruit more efficiently and effectively?
  11. 11. Warm members are 165% more responsive (COMPARED TO COLD MEMBERS) 165% Increase in efficiency These figures are calculated over the latest 12 months of LinkedIn data. These figures are calculated at the contract-level for selected contracts. *Warm member = Visiting company/ career page, viewing a job, following your company, impressions and clicks on recruitment ads and clicks/social actions on updates, *Data reflects period of X- Y; InMail Acceptance Rate is calculated as (# of job opportunity InMails accepted) / (# of job opportunity InMails sent) up to 60 days prior to receiving an InMail Cold Members Warm Members 22% 57%
  12. 12. 94% However, 94% of all messages sent are to cold members his figure is calculated over the latest 12 months of LinkedIn data. 396,979 inMails were sent to to cold members. The percentage of InMails sent to cold members is calculated at the contract-level for selected contracts.
  13. 13. REACTIVE APPROACH Focus on bottom of funnel lead generation HIGHLY EFFICIENT APPROACH A full funnel approach drives effectiveness for Recruiters Unaware Aware Engage Lea d Unaware Engage Aware Broadening the pool of talent engaged with you will drive greater success for your recruiters Build Awareness: Raise awareness, “warm up” your audience Engage Talent: Tell your story with content that resonates with your audience Generate Leads: Create a pipeline of applicants; directly engage candidates Lea d
  14. 14. By leveraging top of funnel strategies to reach target talent, your recruiting team’s bottom of funnel activities can be more effective I don’t know YOUR COMPANY Unaware Aware Engage Lead I know YOUR COMPANY I am considering YOUR COMPANY I want to apply to YOUR COMPANY Recommendation: A full funnel strategy will positively fuel your recruiter’s efficiency
  15. 15. An employer branding strategy will power your existing investment to help your teams work smarter, not harder This spotlight allows you to easily filter talent by warm candidates who are more likely to respond
  16. 16. January is a great time to reach out to candidates on LinkedIn 16 0.00 0.20 0.40 0.60 0.80 1.00 1.20 1.40 Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Ratio Jobs Posted Applications Received Based on monthly averages for jobs posted January 2016-November 2018. Index compares monthly volume divided by annual average. Companies slow down their job postings starting in November, while job applications increase between December and February. We see a lower volume of job postings with increased application rates
  17. 17. See supply, demand, and engagement insights for specific talent pools Plan & Prioritize Campaigns Inform targeting and messaging for hard-to- fill roles with demographic insights. Research Audiences Track brand awareness, engagement, and recruiting efficiency trends over time Track Success Launch campaigns and meaningful engage your target candidates Deploy Campaigns 1 2 34 Four hacks to get your brand ready for the job spike A step-by-step guide to creating your employer brand campaigns, and using it to attract top talent
  18. 18. Automated solution Proactive Strategy Reactive Automated Solution BusinessPriority Difficulty of Attraction 01. Plan & Prioritize Determine where you need the ‘red carpet treatment’ Map different talent pools based on impact on your business and difficulty of attraction
  19. 19. Where do they live? Supply & Demand, Outreach Channels Who are they? Demographics, Titles, Skills, Employers, Education, Seniority What matters to them? Interests, Talent Drivers, Motivators, Compensation 02. Research Audiences Refine your targeting criteria and improve messaging Build more successful campaign targeting leveraging demographic insights
  20. 20. Drive in-demand candidates to your company page & jobs Recruitment Ads Tell your brand’s story targeted to ideal candidates in the feed Sponsored Updates Build a targeted pipeline of talent already interested in your company Pipeline Builder 03. Deploy Campaigns Get in front of your target audience Leverage LinkedIn's suite of employer branding products to meaningfully engage your target candidates
  21. 21. Track and measure engagement with your brand Total pool engagement - Last 12 months 04. Track Success ● Total engaged talent ● New followers ● Job viewers ● Job conversion rate ● InMail response rate Measure, learn, improve Track how candidates engage with your brand over time
  22. 22. Client: UK based media and entertainment company Why did they invest in the solution: To increase brand awareness among key Technology professionals and to generate leads Timeframe: 3 months Target Audience: UK based Professionals in the functions of Engineering, Information Technology, Quality Assurance Results: o Career Page traffic of Technology page rose by 211% during campaign period o Over 1500 Technology followers were added during the campaign period o Job Apply Rate rose by 75% within Tech audience who previously visited Tech Careers Page o 180 relevant leads got generated for immediate actioning Blinded case study
  23. 23. The right platforms The team then decided which platforms would be best to reach this talent pool, and what kind of advertising inventory would work best. They decided on sponsored content and the LinkedIn pipeline builder tool It started with PHP developers: a recruitment priority for the business. Focus groups The HR team spoke to top performing PHP Developers to find out what interested them, and what they loved about working at Trivago The plan Goals and KPIs Goals and key performance indicators are often confused, so the team was very clear about what they wanted to achieve, and what metrics would indicate they were moving in the right direction It’s difficult to drive engagement around such a culture through standard job ads and ‘we are hiring’ posts, which is why Trivago’s employer branding team started to explore different ways to build a pipeline of the right talent on LinkedIn. So this is what they did... A case study: Trivago
  24. 24. The outcome The sponsored updates delivered major improvements in the efficiency and acceleration of the talent pipeline
  25. 25. Thank You