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Elevate Your Profile with LinkedIn Apps (PDF)

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LinkedIn offers a wide array of applications that can add value and interest to your profile. Check them out in this handy guide!

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Elevate Your Profile with LinkedIn Apps (PDF)

  1. 1. Elevate Your Profile with LinkedIn AppsIs your online branding good, but you want it to be great? Are you looking for ways to becomemore visible to the people in your network? Many people overlook the power of adding LinkedInapplications to their profiles. Here, in alphabetical order, are seven useful apps to help youstand out from the crowd:1. Blog Link or Wordpress. If you use one of these blogging platforms, you can add these apps to connect your blog posts to your LinkedIn profile. Just remember only to sync your blog to LinkedIn if you write professionally appropriate content.2. Box.net. This file-sharing application allows you to share important documents with people in your LinkedIn network. If you’re job hunting, you can post your resume for review and download. If you’re a business owner, you can post a brochure or one-sheets. If you’re a writer, post some samples of your work. Box.net also allows you to send files to your LinkedIn contacts.3. Events. The event app helps you maximize the value you get from any live event you take time to attend. Whenever you register for an event, this app will tell you who else is attending so you can check out people’s profiles (to see who you’d like to meet) or reach out to introduce yourself beforehand. After an event, you can look up the contacts or potential customers you met and keep in touch.4. My Travel by TripIt. If you’re a frequent flyer or road warrior, this is the app for you. TripIt is a simple way to share with your LinkedIn network where you’ll be and when. TripIt then alerts you to other people in that area so you can set up meetings or just reach out to say hello. Plus it tells you when people in your network are visiting your city so you can invite them to get together.5. Polls. Not sure what tagline to use for your new business venture? Create a poll and ask your LinkedIn network for their opinions. Wondering whether a certain job search tool is worth investing in? Poll your network. As long as your poll is professionally related and quick, many of your LinkedIn connections will likely be happy to share their views.6. Reading List by Amazon. Have you ever started an interesting conversation on an airplane or elsewhere because you noticed the book someone was reading? This is a valuable form of professional networking and it’s possible to create this experience virtually on your LinkedIn profile. The Amazon app allows you to create a virtual bookshelf where you can share and comment on books you’re currently reading, have just read or want to read.7. SlideShare or Google Presentations. Are you a PowerPoint pro? These apps allow you to add your favorite PowerPoints directly to your LinkedIn profile. You can include a portfolio of your work, slides from a recent conference presentation or anything else that will promote you or your company to your existing and potential LinkedIn connections.Looking for other apps? Just click on the “More” tab in the LinkedIn navigation and you’ll find acomplete directory.