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Financing Energy Efficiency Retrofits

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Financing Energy Efficiency Retrofits

  1. 1. Financing Sustainable Retrofits<br />Lisa Michelle Galley<br />GSMI Conference<br />21 October 2009<br />
  2. 2. Presentation Overview<br />Energy Efficiency Financing Options<br />Level 1: Project Finance Options<br />What is the most cost-effective option for financing energy efficient measures at my property?<br />Level 2: From EE Project  Program<br />October 21, 2009 <br />
  3. 3. Energy Efficiency <br /> Financing Options<br />
  4. 4. Level 1: Project Finance Options<br />
  5. 5. A Case Study<br />Property Details<br /><ul><li> 2,300 SF Commercial Space (Convenience Retail)
  6. 6. Owner-Occupied
  7. 7. Energy Inefficient structure: needs lighting, lighting control, and refrigeration upgrade.
  8. 8. Electricity Used: 155,000 KWh (per annum)
  9. 9. Electricity Cost: $12,200 (per annum)</li></li></ul><li>A Case Study<br />A Fantastic Retrofit Opportunity:<br /><ul><li>Total Cost of EEM: $7,700
  10. 10. Energy Use Reduction: 38,500 kWh (per annum)- a 25% reduction
  11. 11. Estimated OPEX Reduction: $3,050 (per annum)
  12. 12. Payback Period: 2.5 years
  13. 13. ROI: 196%
  14. 14. IRR: 38%</li></ul>Once you have the $$$$$:<br /><ul><li>62 owner-occupied properties in 5 western states.
  15. 15. Retrofit measures needed across entire portfolio- stores have a similar layout and equipment.
  16. 16. Total Cash Needed: $475,000</li></li></ul><li>Level 1: Project Finance Options<br />
  17. 17. Level 2: From EE Project  Program<br />Modest Investments add up across Portfolio:<br />Annual Energy Saved -> 2.4 GWh<br />Financial Impact<br />Annual Increase in Cash Flow -> $155,000<br />Potential Portfolio Value Increase -> $1,900,000<br />Environmental Impact<br />Reduction in Annual GHG Emission -> 1,716 Tons CO2 =<br /><ul><li> Removing 314 passenger vehicles from the road
  18. 18. Power for 156 households</li></li></ul><li>Level 2: From EE Project  Program<br />Know how different trends can impact your platform:Is your portfolio more affected by market trends, government regulations or both? <br />What’s your BAU? How does ‘business as usual’ look for your properties and operations?<br />Do your leases help or hurt your EE program? Do your leases-in-place assure you the EE savings you have contracted for? <br />Evaluate financing options: What is the most cost-effective method for financing retrofits across my portfolio? Have I secured all available incentives? <br />Ensure performance: How do I establish appropriate financial and energy targets? What is the best method for measuring post-retrofit measure of performance? <br />
  19. 19. Next steps, resources & contact<br />Ask us about a briefing on finance strategies for your portfolio.<br />We would be happy to discuss your sustainability initiatives and the opportunities you may have to maximize value. Contact us to request a special briefing consultation about your projects – our info is below.<br />Get free resources<br />We have published several articles and led many workshops on green finance and investment. A few of them are mentioned below:<br /><ul><li>Workshop: Getting Started in Green Finance (sign up on our mailing list)
  20. 20. Recent webinar: Green Finance for Affordable Housing (view on our website)
  21. 21. Articles: Present Your Green Project to Your Lender (download from our website)
  22. 22. Blog: Our Green Journey (subscribe online to get updates)</li></ul>Galley Eco Capital<br />+1 (415) 655-6668<br />Email: Info[at]galleyecocapital.com<br />http://www.galleyecocapital.com<br />