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How to Use Flipboard

Flipboard the easy and fun way to curate content

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How to Use Flipboard

  1. 1. HOW TO USE FLIPBOARD Have Fun Flipping Away and Drive Traffic to Your Blog By Lisa Sicard, June 23, 2017
  2. 2. Setting Up Your Flipboard Bio • It’s simple and easy to set up your Flipboard Bio. Be sure to include your Blog URL and write something unique about yourself. • Do include your photograph. People like to follow real people! • Include your interests in the bio so others that have the same interests will follow you and share your Flipboard content.
  3. 3. Setting Up Your Magazines • Set up at least 4 Flipboard magazines. • Include a description on each of your magazines. • Add some flips into your magazines from various sources – mix it up! • Share your flips on social media networks too! • You Can Set Your Magazine(s) to Private if You Want.
  4. 4. Start Flipping Content • Begin Flipping Content You Read and Want to Share! Easy on mobile or from your desktop. • You can install the chrome extension for easy flipping.
  5. 5. Like It on Flipboard • You Can Use the Heart Icon to Like Content on Flipboard. • These “Likes” Will Show Up Under Your Bio in the Likes Count.
  6. 6. Share It on Flipboard • You Can Share Your Flips on Flipboard on the Social Networks. You Can Email as well. • You Can Embed Your Magazines on Your Blog too!
  7. 7. Follow Topics on Flipboard • You Can Pick and Choose Your Topics on. See some in the image aside to choose from. • Use the Search Icon to Find Your Topics.
  8. 8. Follow People on Flipboard • You Can Pick and Choose People to Follow. • Use the People Icon to Find Your Friends. Easier To Do On Your Mobile Device.
  9. 9. Check Your Notifications on Flipboard • You Can Check Your Notifications. • You Can Set Notifications Up to Pop Up on Your Mobile or Not. • Check Notifications So You Can Engage With Others!
  10. 10. Engage on Flipboard • Engage with Others on Flipboard. • People Love to Share with Others Who Engage with Them on Any Social Network.
  11. 11. Have Fun on Flipboard • Most of all Have FUN on Flipboard, the more you enjoy it the more you will use it. The more traffic you will see to your blog too!