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SMhack slideshare

Why SMhack is a social media management system made simple

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SMhack slideshare

  1. 1. SMhackSocial Media Software MadeSimple How SMhack offers more for you! By Lisa Sicard, Inspire toThrive
  2. 2. WhySMhack?  SMhack offers more integration now with Slack!You can converse with other team members and clients all from SMhack today!  Great for single entrepreneur, small businesses and digital agencies.
  3. 3. Integration with 4Social Media Networks  Facebook  Instagram  Twitter  LinkedIn You can schedule your shares By each and all Networks in an easy to use calendar
  4. 4. Social Inbox  You can check all your social mentions and messages right in the social inbox.
  5. 5. Instagram offers even more data  Like Engagement  Comment Engagement  Media Interactions Video or Image  Hashtag Engagement  Top Posts
  6. 6. Competitive Analysis  You can compare your social networks against the Competition By media types, by day, time, growth rate of pages, shares and posts with Engagements. I picked a few friends FB pages to show for example
  7. 7. CompareYour Facebook Page with Others
  8. 8. Google Analytics Integrated – Nice!  Now you can see your Google analytics in the same dashboard for checking your social networks with your website  PageViews  Sessions  Bounce Rate  Average Session durations  PageViews and users. Each of the above by each Social network
  9. 9. Simple Pricing No credit card needed with 7 day FREE trial!
  10. 10. What’sComing Next for SMhack?  An app – watch for it soon!  Twitter analytics integrated, coming soon!  More great features.