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Working with Wikimedia Serbia

Slides for a talk on "Working with Wikimedia Serbia" given by Brian Kelly, Innovation Advocate at Cetis, University of Bolton at the Eduwiki 2014 conference in Edinburgh on Friday 31 October 2013.

See https://ukwebfocus.wordpress.com/events/eduwiki-2014/

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Working with Wikimedia Serbia

  1. 1. Event hashtag: #eduwiki Showcasing WMUK-supported projects: Working with Wikimedia Serbia Brian Kelly Innovation Advocate Cetis University of Bolton Bolton, UK Contact Details Email: ukwebfocus@gmail.com Twitter: @briankelly Blog: http://ukwebfocus.wordpress.com/ Cetis Web site: http://www.cetis.ac.uk/ Filip Maljković President and board member Wikimedia Serbia Belgrade, Serbia Contact Details Email: Filip Maljković Twitter: @dungodung Web site: http://rs.wikimedia.org/ Slides and further information available at http://ukwebfocus.wordpress.com/events/eduwiki-2014/
  2. 2. 2 Source cited! 2 You are free to: Idea from Cameron Neylon copy, share, adapt, or re-mix; photograph, film, or broadcast; blog, live-blog, or post video of this presentation provided that: You attribute the work to its author and respect the rights and licences associated with its components. Slide Concept by Cameron Neylon, who has waived all copyright and related or neighbouring rights. This slide only CCZero. Social Media Icons adapted with permission from originals by Christopher Ross. Original images are available under GPL at: http://www.thisismyurl.com/free-downloads/15-free-speech-bubble-icons-for-popular-websites
  3. 3. Wikimedia Serbia EduWiki Conference 2014 Scholarship Background: • Scholarship announced on WMUK blog in Jan 2014 Requirement to: • Attend Learning Day and Eduwiki Serbia conference on 23-24 March 2014 • Participate in Learning day, sharing UK experiences • Give 15 minute talk about UK educational activities Write reports about trip before/after events Successful bid submitted: • Based on recent WMUK activities • Proposal to raise visibility of educational benefits of UK widely (in UK as well as Serbia) 3
  4. 4. Blog Post Post about WMUK’s educational work & related work published: • During Open Education Week on 10 March 2014 • On UK Web Focus and WMUK blogs Embraced a “Wikipedia approach to the presentation”: • CC licence • Invited feedback on slide preview • Links provided to sources 4
  5. 5. Blog Post (1) Blog post covered: • Slow acceptance of Wikipedia in HE • Highlights from Eduwiki 2013 (“Safe Use of Wikipedia …” by Birmingham Uni library staff & “Introducing Students to Independent Research through Editing Wikipedia Articles …” at Portsmouth Uni • Work of the Jisc Wikimedia Ambassador 5
  6. 6. Blog Post (2) Blog post covered: • Looking to the future: Wikimania 2014 (August 2014) • Promoting greater use of Wikipedia: (a) JISC infoKit on crowdsourcing the Wikipedia way 6
  7. 7. Blog Post (3) Blog post covered: • Promoting greater use of Wikipedia: (b) training the trainer programme and (c) plans for increasing nos. of female contributors • Development of WMUK’s education strategy 7 Note too much material for 15 minute talk, so blog post cited in talk
  8. 8. After the Event Report on the event: • Published on WMUK blog on 15 April 2014 8
  9. 9. After the Event Report on the event: • Published on WMUK blog on 15 April 2014 • Storify summary of tweets (not sufficient to provide meaningful insights) 9
  10. 10. Monitoring Effectiveness of Work 10 Topsy analytics & archive of tweets for blog post What evidence is there of the effectiveness of the outreach plans for the proposal?
  11. 11. BK → FM Monitoring Effectiveness of Work 11 Slideshare analytics for nos. of views of slides (28 Oct 2014) Note lies, damned lies and Web statistics, so treat nos. with pinch of salt! However evidence of success of outreach activities for this work
  12. 12. Learning Day - Participants D omi n i kma t u 1s2
  13. 13. Learning Day - Participants Wikimedia Serbia (Ivan Matejić, Đorđe Stakić, Filip Maljković, Mile Kiš) Wikimedia United Kingdom (Brian Kelly) Wikimedia Foundation (Rod Dunican, Anna Koval) Wikimedia Germany (Tim-Moritz Hector) Wikimedia Ukraine (Andriy Makukha) Wikimedia Czech Republic (Dominik Matus) Wikimedia Macedonia (Igor Sazdovski) 13
  14. 14. Learning Day – Topics Meeting, sharing, comparing, successes, problems Project metrics Leader of an education project Target groups in education sector Quality and quantity of the articles How to attract new potential editors? Wiki community response on education projects Chapter cooperation on education projects 14
  15. 15. EduWiki Conference D omi n i kma t u 1s5
  16. 16. EduWiki Conference Getting education institutions acquainted with education program Wikimedia Serbia Education program of Wikimedia Serbia Wikipedia as an education platform Creative Commons 1001 Arabic Words Success stories Education program abroad Q/A 16
  17. 17. Questions? Any questions, comments, …? 17
  18. 18. Licence and Additional Resources This presentation, “Working with Wikimedia Serbia” by Brian Kelly, Cetis and Filip Maljković, WM Serbia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Licence Note the licence covers most of the text in this presentation. Quotations may have other licence conditions. Images may have other licence conditions. Where possible links are provided to the source of images so that licence conditions can be found. 18 Slides and further information available at http://ukwebfocus.wordpress.com/events/eduwiki-2014/