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Making Links - Cross curricular language learning

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Presentation delivered at Modern Languages, Modern Teaching conference at Newton Abbot College, 13/02/15

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Making Links - Cross curricular language learning

  1. 1. Making links Linking languages with your curriculum Image from Ardonik
  2. 2. Zusammen oder getrennt?
  3. 3. Literacy Can they be separated? Image from Carolyn Speranza
  4. 4. Maths It’s not just counting! Image from PrayingMother
  5. 5. Romans Numeracy, History, Thinking Skills Image from JohnSYLee Pinterest
  6. 6. The Carnival of the AnimalsMusic, Geography, Science, Literacy, ICT Image from Jason Hickey SwitchzooBuild your WildselfMusic QZ
  7. 7. H A B I T A T S
  8. 8. Una Una Una
  9. 9. Los Planetas/Les Planetes Science, Literacy, Topic Image from Ishiwara Ken Ana y Enrique
  10. 10. PE / Sport warm ups; team names; traditional dances; Wake Up Shake Up; playground games; coordination
  11. 11. Mira Miró Art, Maths
  12. 12. Mythical Monsters Using a story to support the topic being studied
  13. 13. Minibeasts/Healthy Eating Another story exploration! Image from SidewaysSarah
  14. 14. Some helpful links: Guidance from CILT Cymru (p28-32) West Sussex cross curricular resource packs - Fr, Sp, Ger Case study of how you might do it Ideas from MLPSI (Ireland) Julie Prince - Slideshare and blog FLAME and CLIL
  15. 15. LISA STEVENS lisibo@me.com http://lisibo.com Twitter - @lisibo Ltd