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My last vacation

my last vacation

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My last vacation

  1. 1. My last holiday was in October 31, 2013 in Melgar Piscilago one day of fun, madness, and tourist attraction, we were all of my immediate family my mom, my dad, my two sisters, my brother, my nephew, two aunts and their husbands, two cousins and two cousins. I was the first time I visited Piscilago, in morning we went first went to see the animals in the zoologico, we saw tigers, lions, exotic birds, monkeys, snakes, among other, then we we go at the Piscilago Attractions. and started by psciflash, my mom went up and gave him much fear and not returned to climb. which I liked most was my one called blender in which one falls headlong. after rising to all the attractions we went to eat ice cream, and we rested a bit, much feet ached from walking ON NOVEMBER MORNING
  2. 2. ON NOVEMBER AFTERNOON in afternoon we got to one that is commonly called because eight, pool has an inflatable figure of eight, we got my sister and me and my sister and Callus at the pool was also very wave. But nothing happened. then ate sweet with mango, and then we were all tired after a fun day as we sat down, we took many pictures with my parents my brothers and my cousins, Piscilago finally we left, after taking the bus arrived at an inn where we were staying to rest until the next day.
  3. 3. we got to get where we needed to host, we arrived very tired the first thing we got to do was to eat chicken and we all went to sleep until the next day. we got up about eight o'clock in the morning, and the first of November to make breakfast we realized that there was no where to prepare, and the good thing was that people gave us hosting varis pots to make rib broth , chocolate and then buy us Almojabanas. . about ten o'clock in the morning we went to the pool at the lodge we lasted three hours and every family was fun, but something unexpected happened, my brother fredy is the short foot was broken NOVEMBER 2 IN THE MORNING
  4. 4. NOVEMBER 2 IN THE AFTERNOON after what happened that day my brother you had a cure for that is not infected, and about two in the afternoon and had lunch, and it was rice, potatoes, meat, and avocado, and was rich. and being four in the afternoon we started to pack to come home, around five o'clock I ripped the bus heading towards zipaquira, a long journey, it was a memorable weekend thanks to my parents.