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JF Lau Architecture Portfolio

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Selected project done during my student life will be featured in this 40 pages portfolio

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JF Lau Architecture Portfolio

  2. 2. Bachelor of Architecture |LAM Part II UNIVERSITI PUTRA MALAYSIA CGPA: 3.470 Architectural Assitant LOOK ARCHITECTS PTE LTD |Architectural Consultancy Singapore Internship Student AKITEK INDAH BINA SDN BHD |Architectural Consultancy Kuala Lumpur| Malaysia Bachelor of Design (Architecture) |LAM Part I UNIVERSITI PUTRA MALAYSIA CGPA: 3.450 Malaysia Higher School Certificate |STPM |PHYSICS SMK IBRAHIM CGPA: 3.333 Malaysian Certificate of Education |SPM |SCIENCE SMK GUAR CHEMPEDAK NOV 2014 FEB 2012- AUG 2011- APR- JUL 2010 OCT 2011 2007 2005 2014 2005 JAN- MAY 2008 Trainee RED POINT SDN BHD |Advertising | Interior Design Penang| Malaysia CURRENT - 2010 Freelance archmaking.com |Physical Model | Visualization LAU JEH FARNG R A D U A T E A R C H I T E C T 271 Pekan Teroi 08800 Gurun Kedah Malaysia. (60) 125316271 jeff-jflau@hotmail.com www.archimaking.wix.com/2013 Phone Email Website Address know me better at www.linkedin.com/in/laujehfarn www.xs33431.deviantart.com www.vimeo.com/laujehfarn www.flickr.com/people/farn_photography/www.behance.net/farn-studio Education Working Experience I am currently finishing my study in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and by November of 2041, I will receive my Bachelor of Architecture from UPM. I firmly believe that a working experience in architectural field will help me grow as a designer and preparing myself for the future challenge. In turn I believe that my abilities would to be an asset to any firm. I am a quick leaner,an attentive listener,and a passionate designer. My Objective Spoken English Bahasa Malaysia Chinese Written English Bahasa Malaysia Chinese Languages Name Lau Jeh Farn Nationality Malaysia Date of Birth 17 June 1988 Experience Fresh Graduate Availability Full Time About Me Achievement Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013 Certified Associate Nippon Paint Young Designer Award 2012 Finalist AutoCAD 2011 Certified Associate 2008/2009 Academic Excellence Award Hand Drafting Sketching Modelling Communication Teamwork Craftsmanship Personal Skill Autodesk AutoCAD Autodesk 3ds Max Sketchup Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe After Effects Adobe Premiere Pro Microsoft Office Suite Artlantis Studio Lumion Professional Skill RESUME 1 He is highly skilful in CAD graphics which he uses effectively in expressing his ideas. He is also capable to work independently and at the same time he works well with others. The specifics of Mr. Lou Jeh Farn’s capabilities Assoc. Prof. Ar. Meor Mohammad Fared Head of Department ‘(60)389464070 meor.fared@gmail.com References and achievements are evident from his resume and transcript. Those personal traits,which are less evident on paper,are equally positive. He seems particularly mature and can be relied upon to take responsibilities seriously.
  3. 3. 21送他随同桑特阿ST CENTURY URBAN YOUTH CENTRE + URBAN FARM Urban Farming| Heritage| Public| 36 2632 20112010 M I M I C TAIPING GALLERY E C O RESORT INDUSTRIAL O U T L E T A Q U A H O U S E INSTALLATION A R T SEATING M O R P H O G E N E S I S 2012 Design of the pavilion have to reflect the real personality of the designer. From far,the pavilion looks like a flat screen. This flat screen are formed by smaller folding panels and it generate spaces to accommodate various activities. Located in the urban area, this proposal is an alternative to Urban Camping. The camping platforms allow users to bulid their own tent right in the city where they can experience the first hand local culture. Careful planning of the camping ground give users sense of privacy while providing them greenery view in their individual lot. Penang Island, where current economic growth is focus on industrial sector, is depending largely on the food imported from Peninsular Malaysia. The proposal aim to redefine the role of food production in local context. Shift from rural area to city; old generation to young generation; traditional to modern method; heritage to modern building; consume to produce are all consider in this proposal. METROPOLITAN TRANSIENTS TENEMENT Urban Camping| Backpackers| PAVILION TO THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON Pavilion| Portable| 2
  4. 4. FREELANCE WORKS Architectural Visualization| Physical Model| RESIDENCE @ JALAN KUCHING 3-Gens Home| High rise Residential| HUMAN ENERGY CONVERTER Energy Harvesting| Public Space| SJ COMMONS Mixed Use| Public Space | Commercial| 38 0422 14 FEATUREDPROJECTS 2014 KOPISAN 2013 Human energy is a new source of renewable energy. The modular hexagonal elements are flexible to fit in accordance to any existing structure. The modular elements which harvest human energy through its piezotechnically activated surface. The Final Thesis is a proposal that aim to provide multiple solutions in an problematic city centre which crowded with colleges students,residents and public visitors. SJ Commons provides an interaction platform for students,local residents and public visitors. Boundaries of the campuses will become more penetrable and its facilities will be used more efficiently for mixed activities. It is a commons for everyone who stay,live,study and work in that area. Freelance projects provided valuable opportunities for me to refurbish my skills and to work with different architects. I am able to work on a wide variety of projects different architects and after years of experience, architectural visualization and physical model are becoming the main stream of my services. 3Gen housing are designed for multi- generation families to stay under one roof and also support the needs of larger families which may require an additional bedroom with attached bathroom. This project is a correspondence to todays growing household size especially in urban area where the living expenses are higher. Exploration of new typology of high rise residential ] allow owners to have their units in two separate floors. 3
  5. 5. 4 SJ COMMONS | SS 15 | Subang Jaya |
  7. 7. 6 Today many campuses are lack of quality squares,commons, or other places that bring their community together for interaction and fun. Close proximity of city campus in urban area increasing interaction between university and outside world. SS15,an early planned township with high concentration of PrHEIs is selected as the project site. SJ Commons provides an interaction platform for students, local residents and public visitors. Boundaries of the campuses will become more penetrable and its facilities will be used more efficiently for mixed activities. It is a commons for everyone who stay,live,study and work in that area.
  8. 8. 7
  9. 9. 8 [ SITE PLAN ] 0 25 50 125 M
  10. 10. 9 0 6 12 30 M [ GROUND FLOOR PLAN ]
  11. 11. 10 0 6 12 30 M [ FIRST FLOOR PLAN ] [ SOUTH ELEVATION ] 0 6 12 30 M
  12. 12. 11 [ NORTH ELEVATION ] 0 6 12 30 M 0 6 12 30 M [ SECOND FLOOR PLAN ]
  13. 13. 12 0 6 12 30 M [ THIRD FLOOR PLAN ] [ WEST ELEVATION ] 0 6 12 30 M
  14. 14. 13 0 6 12 30 M [ FOURTH FLOOR PLAN ] [ EAST ELEVATION ] 0 6 12 30 M
  15. 15. 14 0 6 12 30 M [ HOTEL FLOOR PLAN ]
  16. 16. 15 0 6 12 30 M[ SECTION ] [ SUSTAINABILITY COMPONENTS ]
  17. 17. 16 Located in a strategic location,this residence will serve as a focus point that revitalise this forgotten neighbourhood.
  18. 18. 17 RESIDENCE @ JALAN KUCHING |Kuala Lumpur| [ DESIGN CONCEPT ] What? The current housing developments are mostly self-centred and isolated from the surrounding communities. Gated communities are becoming a current trend. Besides that,in certain areas of the City where housing has been built facing major roads is uncontrollably converted into commercial development. Why? The quality of the housing environment does not extend beyond the boundaries of individual residential development. Poor provision of community’s facilities and landscape are not proportionate with number of population. Lack of interconnection spaces between developments caused the gated community. This has promoted the high crime rates as neighbours does not have chance to interact with each other. Ironically,peoples always think that gated environment is the safest place to stay. How? The whole city environment should be observed in housing development planning in order to provide fluidity between different scales of social structures. The proposal of the housing development should be compatible with their surroundings,maintain connections,enhance the public spaces which they adjoin and optimise the spaces between developments [ SITE PLANNING APPROACH ] [ DESIGN DEVELOPMENT ] [ MULTI GENERATION LIVING ]
  19. 19. 18 In order to enhance the sense of belonging,the open gate community is created on the ground floor. Carefully planning of commercial areas and facilities help to secure the residents private life while provide interactions with the surrounding community.
  20. 20. 19 [ SITE PLAN ] 0 20 40 100 M 0 7.5 15 37.5 M [ GROUND FLOOR PLAN ]
  21. 21. 20 0 7.5 15 37.5 M [ UPPER GROUND FLOOR PLAN ] 0 15 30 45 M [ FIRST FLOOR PLAN ] 0 15 30 45 M [ 爸爸BASEMENT 1 ] 0 15 30 45 M [ 爸BASEMENT 2] 0 15 30 45 M [ SECOND FLOOR PLAN ]
  23. 23. 22 [ FRONT ELEVATION ] 0 30 60 180 M [ LEFT ELEVATION ] 0 30 60 180 M [ SECTIONAL PERSPECTIVE A-A ] 0 10 20 50 M [ MULTI GENERATION LIVING ]
  24. 24. 23 [ RIGHT ELEVATION ] 0 30 60 180 M [ REAR ELEVATION ] 0 30 60 180 M [ SECTIONAL PERSPECTIVE B-B ] 0 10 20 50 M [ SUSTAINABILITY COMPONENTS ]
  25. 25. The modular hexagonal elements are arranged according to the existing structures. The modular elements which harvest human energy enable the pedestrian to interact,contact and as a seating place in the busy street. 24 [ EXPLODED AXONOMETRIC ] [ STRUCTURAL POST DETAIL ] [ GROUND FLOOR PLAN ] [ ELEVATION ] 0 4 8 20 M 0 4 8 20 M
  26. 26. The modular hexagonal elements are located in front of the lrt entrance. This area will served as a waiting area and seating area for the pedestrians. 25 HUMAN ENERGY CONVERTER |Pasar Seni LRT Station| [ ENERGY TRANSFER MECHANISM ] [ PRECEDENT STUDIES ] [ SITE SELECTION ] [ PROGRAMME ] [ DESIGN DEVELOPMENT ] [ CONFIGURATION ]
  27. 27. 26 The proposed site is located at the boundary of UNESCO World Heritage Site and next to Penang Island Administrative Centre,Komtar. The proposal located at a formerly abandoned site,which aims to redefine, recreate and revive the missing linkage between modern and heritage; virtual farming and real farming; buy food and plant food; chemical and organic; and etc.
  29. 29. 28 As the tallest building in centre of Georgetown, KOMTAR is a modern landmark and dominate the skyline of this city for few decades. The proposed vertical farming response with the surrounding building height in order to maintain the skyline profile of Georgetown.
  30. 30. 29 [ FLOOR PLANS ] [ GROUND FLOOR PLAN ] [ SITE PLAN ] 0 30 60 150 M 0 10 20 50 M 0 20 40 100 M
  31. 31. 30 [ REAR ELEVATION ] 0 10 20 50 M [ LEFT ELEVATION ] 0 10 20 50 M [ SECTION A-A ] 0 10 20 50 M[ SECTION B-B ] 0 10 20 50 M 1 2 3 4 5 view over the link bridge centre atrium planting platform main entrance weekly bazaar 54 321
  32. 32. 31 A central on-site energy centre will provide electricity for the devices and equipment and power to the biomass and the primary energy source for this will be agriculture waste and organic waste from the surrounding community. These organic matters will be burnt in a steam biomass boiler and used to drive the CHP system. Ash from the boiler will be re-used in the garden whilst heat from the CHP unit will be used to regenerate a liquid desiccant. This desiccant will be used to remove moisture from the fresh air supply. This helps cut power consumption; dry air requires far less energy to cool it than moist air does. Another renewable energy resource comes from solar energy through semitransparent photovoltaic panels at the centre atrium of the two towers. The kinetic energy from raindrop will convert into the electricity. Rainwater will be collected from the gutter behind the ring columns, rooftop,and storm water runoff. The water collected will be filtered and use for toilet flushing,landscape irrigation and top up cooling water. [ GREEN DESIGN STRATEGIES ] [ VERTICAL FARMING SYSTEM ] [ RIGHT ELEVATION ] 0 10 20 50 M [ FRONT ELEVATION ] 0 10 20 50 M
  33. 33. 32 METROPOLIS [NOUN] -the capital or chief city of a country or region. - a very large and densely populated industrial and commercial city. TRANSIENT [adjective] - lasting only for a short time; impermanent. - staying or working in a place only for a short time. TENEMENT [noun] - a room or a set of rooms forming a seperate residence within a house or a block of apartments.
  35. 35. 34 [ GROUND FLOOR PLAN ] [ SECTIONS A-A ] [ EAST ELEVATIONS ][ SOUTH ELEVATIONS ] [ FLOOR PLANS ] [ SECTIONS B-B ] 0 4 8 20 M 0 4 8 20 M 0 6 12 30 M 0 4 8 20 M 0 4 8 20 M0 4 8 20 M PLAN CUT 1 [法 FL + 8.10 ] PLAN CUT 2[法 FL + 12.30 ] PLAN CUT 3 [法 FL + 17.10 ] PLAN CUT 4 [法 FL + 20.80 ] 点DRIVE-WAY RECEPTION LOBBY/ LOUNGE
  36. 36. 35 RECREATIONAL AREA LAUNDRY COOKING AREA POOL [ STRUCTURAL FRAMING ] [ GREEN WALL ] [ SECTIONAL PERSPECTIVE ] [ CONSTRUCTION DETAILS ] SCALE 1:25 [ STRIP SECTIONS ] SCALE 1:60 [ STRUCTURAL CONCEPT ] A. WALKWAY RAILING DTL B. WALKWAY-CAMPING DECK DTL C. PARAMETER BEAM - STEEL TRUSS DTL D. WATER RESISTANT FLOOR DTL G. LAP POOL DTLF. GLASS RAILING DTL The steel rod connected the walkway to the steel trusses which are supported by the concrete column. The platform tie back to the steel trusses to secure the position of the walkway and platform. The steel trusses also supported the green screen. Green facades use climbing plants that need supporting structure. Hardy species are selected to reach great heights and tolerance for wind, rain and heat. Flowerless and fruitless climbing plants should be selected to avoid unwanted pests and insects. 1 climbing plant 2custom trellis system 3 steel truss support structure
  37. 37. 36 [ PERSPECTIVES ] A D B C E D GRND FLR GRND FLR 3RD FLR 3RD FLR 2ND FLR 2ND FLR ENTRANCE A B E C This pavilion is divided into three levels. Starting from the entrance, visitors will experience the spaces create by the folding panels. Non repetitive angle of folding panels creates different spaces and these spaces can be adaptable to the users’ needs. Along this journey, users will experience the unexpectation and changing of directions. Finally, the journey ended at the highest level where the best view is offered..
  38. 38. 37 This project translate the unseen sides of the designer that nor normally seen by others into the form of a pavilion In architectural language,I compared it as an object appeared flat when we look it from far,as we getting closer, the sense of spaces will become stronger. This will create surprise to the user about the pavilion as well ignite the curiosity of the visitors to know more about it. [ DESIGN PROCESS ] [ FLOOR PLANS ] GROUND FLOOR 2ND FLR form dynamic activities space start end focus point focus point ORIENTATION CIRCULATION SPATIAL QUALITY FURNITURE RAILING 瓦连科娃WALKWAY OPEN SPACE VIEWING POINT DISPLAY 泼辣呢PLANES volume FIRST FLOOR SECOND FLOOR [ ELEVATIONS & SECTION ] [ CONCEPTUAL DIAGRAM ] [ LOCATION ] [ ELEMENTS ] [ PROGRAMME ] PAVILION TO THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON |Perdana Lake Garden| 0 3.5 7 17.5 M 0 3.5 7 17.5 M
  39. 39. 38 [ PERODUA 3S CENTRE ] | Rendering| Photoshop | Site Visit | Client required realistic architectural rendering for the proposed 21-storey hotel tower. I visited the site in order to find the best view of the project as well as for the better understanding of the surrounding context. Several colour scheme have been proposed and the selected scheme is as shown in the images. | Rendering | Report | Design | Translation of client sketches and initial idea into digital format; including plan and 3d modelling, Client required realistic architectural rendering for the 3S Centre in order increase the chances of getting approval from the authority. All the images and text also arrange into the format of a design report. [ HOTEL ] FREELANCE WORKS |Architectural Visualization|
  40. 40. 39 FREELANCE WORKS | Physical Model| | Physical Model | Based on the drawing provided by the architect, we are required to prepare the right material for the specific model. Craftsmanship and consistency of work quality is important in this model that built manually without any help of the machine. Client are satisfied with the end product. | Physical Model | This model is the largest physical model that ever built by archimaking. It is a challenging project with its scale and the craftsmanship skills needed to produce a detail model. Clients are satisfied with the end product. | Physical Model | This large model with two blocks of towers required high precision and consistent in the quality of works. The material selection and the finishing of the model became a benchmark of archimaking work. We are able to produce such high quality model without any help from the modern machine. [ MIXED DEVELOPMENT I ] [ MIXED DEVELOPMENT II ] [ MASTER PLAN ]
  41. 41. LAU JEH FARN 271 Pekan Teroi 08800 Gurun Kedah Malaysia. (60) 125316271 jeff-jflau@hotmail.com www.archimaking.wix.com/2013 Phone Email Website Address www.linkedin.com/in/laujehfarn www.xs33431.deviantart.com www.vimeo.com/laujehfarn www.flickr.com/people/farn_photography/www.behance.net/farn-studio
  42. 42. [J]EH [F]ARN LAU | portfolio 2 0 1 4