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API Days Apidaze WebRTC Hype or Disruption 4 dec. 2013

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APIDAZE presentation by Philippe Sultan & Luis Borges Quina @ API Days Paris 2013: WebRTC, Hype or Disruption ?

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API Days Apidaze WebRTC Hype or Disruption 4 dec. 2013

  1. 1. Hype or Disruption ? Philippe Sultan, Co-founder & CTO Luis B.Quina, Co-founder & COO
  2. 2. A LITTLE ABOUT US v  Cloud Communications REST API + WebRTC SDK v  Founded March 2013, CEO Richard Lalande (co-founder of v  Team of Web, Telecom and Marketing People working hard on real time communications )
  3. 3. WebRTC is a new API for embedding real-time communications into web sites and browser-based applications. Voice, Video and even Screen Sharing become standard capabilities of the modern web browser.
  4. 4. WebRTC v  A JavaScript extension v  GetUserMedia function v  Acquiring audio and video v  PeerConnection object v  Set up the network connection between peers v  DataChannel v  « direct WebSocket between peers »
  5. 5. Architecture Adapted from "WebRTC: APIs and RTCWeb Protocols of the HTML5 Real-Time Web", Johnson, Alan B. and Daniel C. Burnett, First Edition, September 2012, Digital Codex LLC)
  6. 6. WebRTC Demos http://auduno.github.io/headtrackr/examples/facetracking.html λ  http://neave.github.io/face-detection/ λ 
  7. 7. Signaling v WebRTC is a peer to peer technology but servers are needed v To set up the connection between peers v Signaling stays out of the scope of WebRTC v WebSockets, XHR, etc. v SIP, XMPP, JSON, etc.
  8. 8. WebRTC out of the browser v Build your own endpoint v getUserMedia v PeerConnection v pjsip, FreeSWITCH, Kamailio, Asterisk v Place calls from a web browser to a plain old telephone v Implemented in C
  9. 9. WebRTC with « traditional » VoIP v  Works fine but … v  WebRTC is not implemented in all browsers v  Chrome, Firefox, Opera v  IE, Safari and others missing v  Adobe Flash plugin helps a lot here
  10. 10. Bringing events from the telco side v  Call management events v  Call ringing, call answered, call hangup v  In-call events v  Who's talking in an audio conference scenario v  Text messages v  Trigger JS handlers in your code v  onRinging, onAnswered, onHangup, etc.
  11. 11. Demo v  Real click-to-call example v  WebRTC + PSTN audio-conferencing application
  13. 13. Is WebRTC a Skype Killer ?
  14. 14. Developers
  15. 15. 1,000,000 devices
  16. 16. Who does what ? v  WebRTC Core: Google and Firefox v  Vendors: v  WebRTC APIs v  Service (+2nd market APIs) v  Infrastructure and SDK v  Project v  Open Source v  Tooling
  17. 17. Who does what: APIs v  Solution Type: Consumer + API v  Target Audience: Consumers + Developers v  Business Model: Freemium, Subscription v  Country: France v  Media Integration: Voice, Video v  WebRTC Use: Direct Integration
  18. 18. Who does what: Video Conferencing v  Solution Type: Cloud Enterprise Video Conferencing v  Target Audience: SMB, Enterprise v  Business Model: Subscription v  Country: Norway v  Media Integration: Voice, Video v  WebRTC Use: Direct Integration
  19. 19. Who does what: Call Widget v  Solution Type: Call Widget v  Target Audience: e-commerce v  Business Model: Subscription v  Country: France v  Media Integration: Voice v  WebRTC Use: Via 3rd Party (Apidaze)
  20. 20. Who does what: Virtual Call Center v  Solution Type: CRM/Call Center v  Target Audience: SMB v  Business Model: Subscription v  Country: Brazil v  Media Integration: Voice v  WebRTC Use: Direct Integration
  21. 21. Who does what: Experts Market v  Solution Type: Experts, Webinar v  Target Audience: Soho v  Business Model: Revenue Sharing v  Country: USA v  Media Integration: Voice, Video v  WebRTC Use: Via 3rd party (Tokbox)
  22. 22. Who does what: Gaming v  Solution Type: Gaming v  Status: Demo (Google) v  WebRTC Use: Voice, Video & Data Channel v  https://www.cubeslam.com/ qcvahb
  23. 23. Hype or Disruption ? “WebRTC is not a standard … It's a movement ! ” (Tsahi Levent-Levi, bloggeek.me) @tsahil
  24. 24. THANK YOU @QuinaLuis @pidaze Co-Organizer: meetup.com/webrtc-paris/ Join us: 10 Dec 2013 (@ Upperside WebRTC) 10 Feb 2014 (@ Google France)