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Lambeth U Lab - Impact Evaluation

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Evaluation of the Lambeth U Lab programme.

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Lambeth U Lab - Impact Evaluation

  1. 1. Lambeth U Lab
  2. 2. U Lab Outcomes Focussing on the self Finding like-minded people Creating the spaces to think about issues Learning or relearning collaboration skills with people Generating exciting ideas Gaining a better awareness of our priorities Gradual change in our attitudes Developing great relationships with different people Meeting each week Changing things around us for good
  3. 3. Impact: what difference has it made? Focusing on things that really matter Creating time and space to reflect on where we want to be and change we want to create Understanding what’s holding us back from making change happen Surfacing perspectives we’ve had that have lain dormant Better shaping the content of our work Becoming more enthusiastic in solving problems and developing ideas with others Putting ourselves in other people’s shoes to get a deeper sense of connection to others Becoming more attentive to how we pay attention Feeling able to tackle complex challenges and unclear situations Gaining renewed energy and confidence to make change happen Understanding how to genuinely collaborate “I don’t think I’ll ever face challenges in the same way again” “Clarity on where I want to be and the change I want to create” The most important difference that U Lab has made to our work and/or lives is that we are: We are also:
  4. 4. Most useful tools Other tools referenced as helpful
  5. 5. Improvement in levels of listening 10987654321 Before After
  6. 6. Culture What would we keep? Openness Tone Common focus Atmosphere Camaraderie Trust What would we change? More focused & structured Overview of the process at the beginning More immersive Earlier definition of our skills & context
  7. 7. Tools What would we keep? Empathy walks Coaching circles Social presencing theatre Prototyping Mapping the system Reflective journalling What would we change? Practice tools more regularly and earlier Blend U Lab tools and tools we know about Weekly learning and content summaries More empathy walks & time on prototyping
  8. 8. Infrastructure What would we keep? Space & dinner Co- facilitation Online discussions & tools Regular sessions Out of hours sessions U Lab community What would we change? Pre-session to watch videos & understand tools Monthly follow ups Document it more, through photos & film More sessions outside of the Hub U Lab experience day for others