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Creating a Pitch Deck Using the Business Model Canvas

At the Online News Association 2013, Dr. Michelle Ferrier presented tips from experts and across the web on using the business model canvas to refine business ideas and capture them in a short pitch deck.

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Creating a Pitch Deck Using the Business Model Canvas

  1. 1. + What is the problem my company is solving? What is the business model? What is the market size? What Does My Pitch Deck Look Like? @mediaghosts Dr. Michelle Ferrier, Scripps College of Communication, Ohio University
  2. 2.  Associate Dean for Innovation, Research/Creative Activity and Graduate Studies at the Scripps College of Communication, Ohio University. Digital Content Architect  Ph.D. in Texts and Technology from the University of Central Florida.  Worked as a lead researcher with the Banner Center for Digital Media in Florida and developed a core digital media curriculum.  “Mother of Google Maps”: Digitized Landsat data for current GIS systems.
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  4. 4. Online News Projects • NEAOnline • HighlandsFamily.com • MediaPowerLunch.com • MyTopiaCafe.com • LocallyGrownNews.com
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  7. 7. + Are You a Local Bakery or Panera?  Which sources of early-stage funding should you seek?  What are the expectations of those providing funds?  Will VC be interested in investing in my company?
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  9. 9. + Venture capitalists invest in “scalability.” Venture capitalists invest in teams, not ideas. “Hacker, Hipster, Hustler”
  10. 10. + What is a “pitch deck”?  Elevator Ride (30-second quick pitch on your solution to the problem)  Show and Tell (Demo, Screen Shots, Video)  Market Matters (Market opportunity)  Business Model (Customers and business metrics, not revenue projections)  SuperHeroes (Your Team)
  11. 11. + 10-20-30 10 Slides 20 Minutes 30-point type minimum size Don’t read slides, use key words to prompt your narrative. Use authentic voice, tell a story
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  13. 13. Business Model Generation: Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur
  14. 14. + Title Page: Company Name Must include name of what you are doing; tag line; contact info. Quote from credible person
  15. 15. + The Problem/Need  “Grabber”: Story/scenario that shows current pain points  What problem are you solving?  “My company is _____ and we are/do _____.” We help solve [this problem] by [X].”  Add data here
  16. 16. + Basis of Your Solution  Unique technology  Partnerships/Relationships  Unique processes  What’s your secret sauce???
  17. 17. + Product: 3 Must-Have Features  In order of importance, so prioritize  With adjacent wireframe
  18. 18. + Sustainability  Revenue Model: Direct sources: ecommerce, subscription. Indirect: advertising, affiliate marketing. Include price points of comparable products.  Number 1 Marketing Method: How will you acquire new customers and what does it cost?
  19. 19. + Competition/Risks  Competitors: Create a chart of features you have and they don’t.  Challenges: Why do you feel you can succeed where others have failed?  Legal Issues
  20. 20. + Sample Pitch Decks http://www.businessinsider.com/airbnb- a-13-billion-dollar-startups-first-everpitch-deck-2011-9#-7 http://www.pitchenvy.com/gallery/insta mojo-pitch-deck/
  21. 21. + Contact Me  @mediaghosts  FB: DrMichelleFerrier  LinkedIn: Michelle Ferrier  ferrierm@ohio.edu