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Locly Native Features

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A list of app features available on the Locly Native platform. Also describes the app creation process and has information on template design.

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Locly Native Features

  1. 1. Locly Native Guide to App Templates & Features September 2016
  2. 2. Introduction Locly Native is a feature-rich app creation platform with in-built proximity and location support. This document will explain how you can turn your idea into a professional app that’s ready for submission to the App Store and Google Play. There are just 5 simple steps: Contact Template Get in touch with us to talk about your project. We can then advise you on the best possible solution and outline pricing & timescales. We create an app template for you that’s based on your requirements. The template is placed into your online account. Build Start adding your own content by uploading text, image, videos, audio and other files. In the meantime, we’re working on any custom features you’ve requested. Location This is where you install your beacon devices and set them up on the system. You can enter GPS co-ordinates too. Stores After full testing your app will be submitted to the App Store and Google Play. You can do this yourself, or we can assist you. I s m i X
  3. 3. Choose your Template You can go for a standard template, which is shown in the Locly Native Demo app. You can also make tweaks to this template, such as adding more Google fonts and card styles. Alternatively you can go for something 100% custom-built for you - it’s up to you! How Template Design Works Your template will be created by one of our designers. Depending on the amount of customisation work needed, we will either build a template directly into your account, or create an image mock-up of the app for you to approve before it’s created and placed in your account. Template designed are optimised so that the app looks great and performs well across all Android and iOS devices. Standard Design Template Add Custom Design Go 100% Bespoke • Your own icon. • Your own video and/or splash screen. • 7 card layouts: info card, full bleed, avatar, image, list, grid and carousel. • Your own colours. • 'Source Sans Pro' font plus two additional Google fonts. • Sliding side menu (drawer) navigation with icon top-left. Image card (e.g. map) with icon top-right. • Multi-page intro sequence. • Additional card layouts. • Add more Google fonts • Extra Navigation: additional drawer on the right, icon bar top or bottom. • Icon support: add icons to card layouts and navigation menus. We support Font Awesome, Entypo, Evil Icons, Material Icons, Octagons and Zocial. • Talk to one of our designers about a template that will best suit your requirements. We’ll then create a bespoke template for your project.
  4. 4. Standard Features We have an excellent range of app features built into the app as standard:
 Standard Notes Card Types Image & text Audio Before/After 360° Panorama Video Widget URL (Weblink) HTML Discovery Grid PDF YouTube Selfie Photo Overlay Points of Interest Image Reward Multi-user Editing Multiple users can work on the same app at one time Additional Languages Add up to 180 languages to the app Content Visibility Rules Reveal/hide by proximity, location Publishing Draft, preview and publish modes Proximity & Location Use iBeacon, Eddystone, GPS and Physical Web App Analytics Linked to your Google Analytics/Firebase account Push Notifications Ping to all app users Proximity Notifications Ping to app users when nearby to a beacon or GPS location Treasure Hunts/Discovery Grid Reveal content in sequences by proximity 360° Panorama with Hotspots Create tappable panoramas to reveal content and create virtual tours Bundle Download For offline use (useful for large app projects) Custom Maps with Hotspots Create a map with multiple pins, linking to cards or collections
  5. 5. Custom Features You may wish to add more features, such as a reward scheme or Slack integration. Why not talk to a member of the Locly sales team about your project - they will help you decide what features you’ll need to create an awesome app! Custom Features Custom Card Types We will build what you need Custom Visibility Rules Scheduled content by time, date, behaviour e.g. dwell time Slack Module: Channel Feed content from a Slack channel Slack Module: Remote Send a Slack notification from the app Push Notifications Ping to a specific group of users Slack Module: Chat Chat with users via Slack from within the app API Integration e.g. From RSS, news feeds and databases In-App Purchasing Include paid-for content bundles for download.
  6. 6. Feature Examples Grid Cover Layout Custom Map with POI Custom Google Fonts Avatar Cover Layout Bundle Download List Cover Layout with Custom Icons
  7. 7. Next Steps Contact Locly Sales Please call us on +44 (0) 3333 44 00 50, or email sales@locly.com to speak to one of our sales team. We’ll then get a price and some timescales over to you. Complete our Google Project Questionnaire If you want to get started straight away you can provide us with a little bit more information about your project by filling in our online Google form. We will then get a price over to you as soon as possible. Google Form link: http://goo.gl/forms/yAUJZESiyK locly.com | @locly | youtube/thelocly | sales@locly.com | + 44 (0)3333 44 00 50