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Collaborative Social Selling - The KEY lies in "social" NOT in "selling"

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collaborative social selling

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Collaborative Social Selling - The KEY lies in "social" NOT in "selling"

  1. 1. The KEY Lies in “Social” NOT in “Selling” Presented by Logan Nathan Collaborative Social Selling
  2. 2. Cl Note: solomoIT is an independent company based in Australia and specialises in Digital Marketing Training & Consulting. LinkedIn® is a trademark of LinkedIn Corporation and solomoIT is not associated in anyway with LinkedIn. Training & Coaching we provide are based on our own independent research and ‘hands-on’ use of this platform for business and individual use. Collaborative Social SellingCollaborative Social Selling Read the full article here
  3. 3. Social selling is not an entirely different concept than traditional selling! Why? Because you can leverage onto the same people’s skills that apply to face-to-face meetings and phone calls, with social media as well! Collaborative Social Selling Read the full article here
  4. 4. Collaborative Social Selling As human beings we crave for the same socialising needs in real life, as online! Collaborative Social Selling For the same reason collaborative social selling is aimed at creating better, stronger and long-lasting relationships with employees, partners, prospects and customers Read the full article here
  5. 5. So why does the KEY to collaborative social selling lies in “Social” not in “Selling” Read the full article here
  6. 6. “Collaboration begins at office is the new Charity begins at home” Businesses must get their employees on the same page with respect to the ultimate business goals Read the full article here
  7. 7. Stop focusing on the company and start focusing on the audience! • Social selling is a two way process • Use this opportunity to learn about the audience • Get customer feedback, initiate dialogue, answer problems and reengage with business partners Read the full article here
  8. 8. Benefit from strategic business partnerships • Cost-effective way to reach new prospects • Identify which brands complements your business • Be honest and open about mutual benefits from collaborative social selling Read the full article here
  9. 9. Collaborative Social Selling helps your business: • Foster stronger mutually beneficial relationships • Get frequent online mentions • Build a richer social capital through likes, shares, followings • Strengthen credibility Conclusion Read the full article here
  10. 10. Follow Us Logan Nathan Digital transformation strategist, social selling specialist, LinkedIn Trainer Its YOUR time to leverage collaborative social selling