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Interrobang India Quiz 2018 Prelims (with answers)

Prelims, with answers of the India Quiz I hosted at Interrobang 2018, the V Edition of the NALSAR Quiz Festival. The top score was a solid 33/35 with the cut off being 25.

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Interrobang India Quiz 2018 Prelims (with answers)

  1. 1. INDIA QUIZ ‽ N T E R R O B A N G 2 0 1 8 Researched and conducted by Lokesh Kaza 21st January 2018
  2. 2. PRESENTED BY Experience Partner Associate Sponsors
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS • Balaji Subramanian • Vishnu Sumanth • Major Chandrakant Nair • Rumaiza Fathima • Abid Abdulla • Rushabh Menon • TPS Harsha • Manav Kapur • Anjaneya Das
  4. 4. FEST ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Content Team • Abhishek Babbar • Anirudh Singh • Anubhav Sachdeva • Jayavardhan Josyula • Samiha Gopal • Siddarth Rajeevan Organising Team • Akash Prasad • Aparajita Kaul • Nipuna Varman • Sachit Kapoor • Yash Bhagwat
  5. 5. PRELIMS • 30 questions, 35 points in all • Questions 26-30 are two-pointers • Questions 11-20 are * marked and will be used to break ties, if any. • Sudden death to follow if tie still persists • No negative marking, feel free to guess! • Switch off all electronic devices • Top 9 teams into the finals
  6. 6. 1. • A 1994 Hollywood film released to to both critical and commercial failure in the US but was tremendously popular in South Asia. In India, the movie was played at the largest theater in Calcutta for over a year. Recalling a trip to Calcutta, Roger Ebert says, "I asked if Star Wars had been their most successful American film. No, I was told, it was ____________". • It was remade twice, once in Telugu and once in Malayalam. This is a short sequence from the Telugu remake. • Which Hollywood film was this?
  8. 8. BABY’S DAY OUT
  9. 9. 2. Which region/place of historic importance in India, literally means 'forest of magnolia trees'?
  10. 10. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  11. 11. CHAMPARAN
  12. 12. 3. • The Petits Pâtés de Pézenas is a late 18th century French recipe from Pezenas in France. An individual had moved there from India in 1768 and his kitchens introduced the sweet pastry, which was a refined version of the keema naan in India. • It is made in the shape of a cotton reel and is usually filled with minced mutton, after which it is served with pickles. • Who was the person?
  13. 13. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  14. 14. ROBERT CLIVE
  15. 15. 4. • Punnathur Kotta is a fort and former palace in South India which housed the local rulers once upon a time. It is a 10- acre compound and includes a house built in the traditional style, with a central courtyard. • In 1975, the place was purchased by a famous entity located nearby. Since then, the compound has been used for a wholly different purpose with the house also being converted into a training school, of sorts. • What is the compound now used for, which has faced repeated criticism in the past? • Which entity is being spoken about?
  16. 16. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  18. 18. 5. •What is this, which has been lying dilapidated since 2008? •Which town in West Bengal would you find it in?
  19. 19. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  21. 21. 6. • The Bada Imambara in Lucknow was built by Asaf-ud- Daula in 1784 and is one of the city’s most recognizable entities. The complex contains a fascinating building with several interconnected passageways and doors. There are about a thousand such passageways and most of them lead to other passages, thus making it very easy to get lost. • What name has been given to this building, which literally means ‘labyrinth’ and has the same title as a Bollywood film from 2007?
  22. 22. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  24. 24. 7. • Robert Dicke was lecturing in Princeton in the 1960s and spoke about how general relativity predicted the complete collapse of certain stars, thereby creating an environment where gravity was so strong that no matter and not even light could escape. Dicke compared this environment to something rather infamous from India, and a shortened form of the term used was later picked up by other scientists. • Dicke’s children recollect today that whenever any item was lost at their home, their father would shout out, “Ah, it must have been sucked into the _____ ____ __ ________.” • What term was thus coined, which is today extremely popular in scientific lexicon?
  25. 25. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  27. 27. 8. • This village is located in the Unnao District of Uttar Pradesh and residents say that it gets its name from the individual who died there. According to Munna Lal Pandey, a former Pradhan of the village, the 19th century British Gazetteer also spoke of a stone statue of the individual which lay there. • After his death near the bank of a lake while filling water, a prophecy was pronounced which would go on to be true some time later. • Which individual from the world of Indian mythology supposedly died at this spot, leading to the name of this village?
  28. 28. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  29. 29. SHRAVAN
  30. 30. 9. • Ranjana Sonawane, a resident of Tembhli, a remote village in north Maharashra, about 470km from Pune, briefly became famous for something before receding into the shadows. Says Ranjana "There is no banking and no insurance here. In 2010, netas and other villagers, clicked photos and went away . Nobody has even bothered to ask us what happened after that brief moment of fame. My electricity meter was taken away and the bank account remains empty . I have not got a single subsidy deposited in my account to date. This government has taken away our roji-roti (work) with the demonetisation move." • What was Ranjana Sonawane "brief" moment of fame?
  31. 31. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  33. 33. 10. • The market for these has been growing at a rate of close to 28 per cent over the past few years. Around 65-75 per cent demand comes from North India. Upcoming new technologies are major growth drivers in this sector and cost effective technologies which aim to reduce the cost of the product are being scrutinized by companies. • Tourism and healthcare and other institutions such as embassies, hospitals, corporate offices, government buildings, schools and colleges, etc., are the major demand generators for this product. • What product is this, which usually sees a peak in sales during the months of October and November?
  34. 34. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  36. 36. 11. • “As any boxer will tell you, it causes loss of perspective of judgment and distances. For example, when trying to light a cigarette I found I was missing the end of it by a quarter of an inch. I was also liable to pour water from a jug straight on to the table, instead of into a tumbler as I intended.” • “Mind you, I still find it difficult to drive at night because the headlights bother me. For this reason I have stopped driving altogether in England. In India, the worst thing is overtaking when another car is approaching from the other side of the road -- I find it difficult to judge precisely how far away the other car is.” • These are excerpts from a 1969 autobiography. Who is the author?
  37. 37. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  38. 38. MAK PATAUDI
  39. 39. 12. • The process of nasogastric intubation involves an external umbilical cord, also called a Ryles tube. To activate the process, a gravity based system is employed and the tube is often connected to an electronic pump which can control and measure intake. As the procedure is uncomfortable, a gel is often used to lubricate the tube, to ease up entry and exit. A prolonged period of this process leads to internal organs and bones becoming weak. • Often in the news until a couple of years ago, in what context was this process seen from 2000 onwards?
  40. 40. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  42. 42. 13. • Gotipua is a traditional dance form which has been performed in Odisha for centuries by young boys. The dance is executed by a group of boys who perform acrobatic figures inspired by the life of Radha and Krishna. • What scene from Indian mythology is being showcased in this picture?
  43. 43. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  45. 45. 14. • Emanuele Scanziani is an Italian artist and illustrator who joined his family enterprise at the age of 16 and helped them to produce greeting cards, children's books, etc. He was dissatisfied with the business and decided to test his creative side elsewhere. He moved away from Italy and wrote a few picture-books, the illustrations of which depicted his new surroundings. • These are illustrations from one of his fantasy picture books called ‘The Treasure of The Flame-Island’, which portrays a kid’s fascination with a particular building. • Where did Scanziani move to? (or) • Which building is depicted in this particular book?
  46. 46. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  48. 48. 15. • According to Time magazine, this museum in New Delhi is among the “10 museums around the world that are anything but mundane”. It was established in 1992 and has exhibits from 50 countries, arranged sequentially in three sections of “Ancient, Medieval and Modern”. • The museum's exhibits bring out the development of the related technology from human history pertaining to social habits, etiquettes and the legal framework in different periods. • What is this museum dedicated to, which saw Akshay Kumar visiting it last year?
  49. 49. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  51. 51. 16. • While it is disputed, some historians say that Mughal emperor Shah Jahan wanted to build a black replica of the Taj Mahal on the other side of Yamuna to house his tomb but his dream remained unfulfilled. • In 2015, during celebrations commemorating the 350th year of the Taj Mahal, an individual decided to complete the emperor’s wish and set up a Black Taj. While his output was temporary and took only around 22 hours to make, it was acclaimed by visitors, who were able to see two Taj Mahals. • Who was this person?
  52. 52. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  54. 54. 17. • According to the Jahangir Nama, the emperor was impressed by the performance of certain performers from Bengal. Their leader Krishna Chandra Dev was presented an entire village called Sutigram near Dhaka and the Dev family became the landlords of the village. Being landlords they were called ____ , a term that became their family name. Currently, the eighth generation of this family still continues the tradition of entertainment. • Fill in the blank.
  55. 55. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  56. 56. SORCAR
  57. 57. 18. • Writing for Conde Nast Traveller, Ajay Awtaney describes a recent revival as “a smooth experience” overall. In keeping with the famous tradition, Awtaney only had to pay INR 1 (with no extra taxes) for the privilege. Although the experience only lasted 30 minutes, he was in for several surprises: • a. His payment was fully refunded in the form of a hard-boiled candy and a water bottle. • b. While the price of INR 1 had earlier resulted in long lines, he could only have about seventeen people standing in line with him this time. • c. The washroom was not suited for regular use, and is reserved only for unavoidable situations • d. At the end of the experience, he was stranded in an area called Ozar, 15km away from Nashik with no cabs or public transport. • What did Awtaney buy?
  58. 58. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  60. 60. 19. • In 1884, the Assamese Railways and Trading Company recruited a team of Italian engineers for its railway construction project in Assam. The company went on to give a name for its settlement in Makum, where the work was being carried out. The suggestion for this name could have possibly come from engineer Roberto Paganini, and his patriotic fervour. • In 1890, something from the culinary world was also given the same name (for similar patriotic reasons). • What name was thus given to what is today a census town at the same location?
  61. 61. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  62. 62. MARGHERITA
  63. 63. 20. • While choosing the artwork for their debut album, this British band were up against a deadline when they resorted to googling for inspiration. However, their search term yielded different results with satellite images coming up instead. • The band decided to go ahead with one such image with Gus Unger- Hamilton, their keyboardist stating,, “The image is quite psychedelic, which is a term we definitely don’t mind having applied to our songs. Also, the abstract and indeterminate nature of the image – most people can’t figure out what it is – somehow fits with the hard-to-pin-down aspect of our music and its genre (or lack of).” • Which band is this? What apt image did they end up using, which was a visual pun on the band’s name?
  64. 64. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  66. 66. 21. • Born with the surname ‘Sharma’, he was inspired by Gandhi’s leadership and once decided to organize a dinner for the upper caste residents of his town with food cooked by Dalits. When the upper caste leaders failed to show up to the dinner, he went back to his house to find that his family was threatened with excommunication unless he complied with a few demands, such as taking a dip in the river Ganga. • After he refused to do so, he was barred from entering his home’s dining room and his utensils were separated. Angry at the attempts to exclude him, he decided to “outcaste the entire caste system” by rejecting his ‘Sharma’ surname, as most Indian surnames reflect the caste of a family. He then adopted a new surname, which literally means ‘seeker of truth’. Who is this person?
  67. 67. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  69. 69. 22. • The unbreakable rule is that the cashew apple is always picked from the ground by cazkars, traditional cashew pickers, and never plucked. Several careful procedures follow such as stomping of the fruit and heating the liquid in earthen pots. • What is being manufactured, which also has a GI tag to its name?
  70. 70. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  71. 71. FENI
  72. 72. 23. • This jacket roughly weighs around 5-6 kgs and helps in offering stability. Close to a decade ago, an Indian individual got it specially designed. Holes were punctured inside the jacket to provide stability for the elbow. • In addition, these flat bottomed shoes were provided rubber soles from Ferrari tyres and it took 20 days to customize them to perfection, with one shoe 1 mm higher than the other. • These were a couple of crucial accessories used by which person?
  73. 73. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  75. 75. 24. • Writing for E-pao, a Manipur-based media outlet, Ranjan Yumnam tears into a 2005 production for its depiction of the Northeast as “a lawless warzone at best, and a vassal state at worst”. He wasn’t alone – agitation from the Bodo community led to the film being banned in Assam. • "The fact that the film shows Bodo militants in Manipur [rather than Assam] reflects how poorly it was researched," said Pramilla Rani Brahma, a Bodo legislator. "It makes Bodo militants look like some sort of barbarians. The film is not only slanderous but shows the entire community in very bad taste, as if we are all bloodthirsty monsters," Rabiram Narzary, a senior leader of the All Bodo Students' Union, told a news agency. • Which movie, the title of which uses a system developed to minimise
  76. 76. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  78. 78. 25. • From 1923 onwards, this individual served on the board of the Tata Iron and Steel Company with distinction for 28 years. He had become the Director when he was 65, an age when most of the company directors would retire. • JRD Tata had such high regards for him that he initially refused to accept his resignation, tendered at the ripe old age of 94. The two also exchanged as many as 90 letters which have been kept in TISCO archives. • Who was this person, pictured here in a rare photograph without his trademark accessory?
  79. 79. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  81. 81. 26. • Nikhil Dhurandhar is a professor of Nutritional Sciences at Texas Tech University. He came into the limelight a couple of years ago, after the results of a successful protocol which he had asked one of his patients to follow. This client had to put on (and subsequently lose) multiple kilos of fat, but also simultaneously gain muscle. • Speaking of this experience, Dhurandhar says, “In 2015, I met someone who would prove to be one of my most challenging patients ever. So I put him on a very specific, highly calibrated protein-powered diet. He is an extraordinarily disciplined and capable individual who, with his sustained efforts, reached the desired goal of having only 10 per cent body fat.” a) Who was this individual? b) For what reason was this drastic transformation needed?
  82. 82. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  84. 84. 27.• "Shut up in a lonely mansion, with police night and day • Patrolling the gardens to keep assassins away, • He got down to work, to the task of settling the fate • Of millions. The maps at his disposal were out of date • And the Census Returns almost certainly incorrect, • But there was no time to check them, no time to inspect • Contested areas. The weather was frightfully hot, • And a bout of dysentery kept him constantly on the trot, • But in seven weeks it was done." • This is a 1966 poem by WH Auden. a) What is the title of the poem? b) Who is the unnamed protagonist in the poem?
  85. 85. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  87. 87. 28. A) • As the story goes, Sati sacrificed her life & set her body ablaze after Raja Daksh Prajapati tried to humiliate Lord Shiva. Shiva then took her burning body to the Himalayas. On seeing the unending sorrow of Lord Shiva, Vishnu sends a divine chakra to cut the body into 51 parts which fall on earth, which are called "Ekannya Shaktipeeth". Lord Shiva established these wherever Sati's body had fallen. • a) The place where Sati's earring fell takes its name from it and is considered to be one of the holiest of its kind in the country, and attracts an almost morbid sort of tourism. Which place is this?
  88. 88. 28. B) • Sati's left shoulder fell in a geographical region today lying somewhere in Bihar, but having an illustrious mythological past. Its name deriving from the colloquial word for soil, all its rulers shared the same title referring to the mode of conception of the founder of the kingdom. Which region was this?
  89. 89. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  91. 91. 29. A) • The Sidi Saiyyed Mosque built in 1572 AD, is one of the most famous mosques in this Indian city. It is entirely arcuated and is famous for beautifully carved ten stone latticework windows (jalis) on the side and rear arches. The rear wall is filled with square stone pierced panels in geometrical designs. • Which institution's (X) logo did it inspire?
  92. 92. 29. B) • Depicted here is the logo of the Metro service of a city, where a sister institution of X resides today. • Looking at the logo, identify what monument in the city is depicted on it.
  93. 93. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  95. 95. 30. • This was a 1991 Bollywood film starring Sunny Deol. Deol plays the character of the titular character, who loses his family and starts working for a local goon named Bapji. • Bapji (with Deol’s character by his side) openly declares to everyone that he is so indestructible that nobody can kill him. He also goes on to state that no man or animal can kill him, nor can anyone get him with a weapon or any other device, and that he cannot die either in the day or night. Rifts escalate between Deol’s character and Bapji leading to Deol being stabbed by Bapji and left inside something. • The climax of the movie involves Deol’s character breaking out from wherever he is contained, and taking the tale to its conclusion. • A) What is the name of Deol’s character, also the name of the film? • B) What does he break out of in the end?
  96. 96. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  98. 98. FINALS SOON.