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Mokhter syahnaz

  1. 1. GREEN IVIAP SYSTEM ® — , °nd°n, ,e, ,Opo, f’,1;ij, §a, §:‘; ;‘5i§; A Tool for a Sustainable Urban Ecosystem in Developing Visual Communication Design Through Cartography and Iconography KEY RESEARCH QUESTIONS The research background aims to facilitate greater involvement of ordinary citizens in their environment by promoting its sustainability. By using GREEN MAP SYSTEM ® [an award winning global—local eco—culture movement] initiated by ‘Modern World Design’ in 1995, a fresh perspective on sustainable living is created to be shared by the global community. What are the design choices, and the need for updates in design? How effective are they? ~11: How to develop existing GMS methodologr of open development (CO-DESIGN) of future icons to be included in the universal symbols for maps CONCLUSIONS 3; where to research on the places that will be Ne‘W°fki"g °°"ab°’ati‘? " Wm‘ GMS ® ‘ mapped, by using specific selection criteria to based '" USA 3°‘ 35 3 f'e'dW°"i‘ research METHODOLOGICAL FRAMEWORK the information that will be included on the map 51UdY 10 Create among the W51 fUtU| ‘e "Malaysia Green Map”. The intention is *4 How to design a feasibility study and investigate not only to create awareness, but to spark TO ABSTRACT the effectiveness of the information icons. positive culture among global citizenship ‘ what is the data to be included on the map? in changing culture behaviour to move towards a healthier sustainable life. Lu study on global ongoing N existed GMS ® digital 3 projects archive _. g o l— )> n. 2 E3 .33 OBJECTIVES E designer's role in ] sustainable 6 To stimulate ecological consciousness to the population and to the public health. 0 fjleallingan Open i bfihavioui F” V m Flt ‘ n To create awareness, especially among young generation groups, of the importance of saving the .9 [Ceo. eD(; zig: ] C a ges ‘green areas‘ and helping the preservation of city's ‘green areas‘ in the future. To increase awareness, of environmentally sound architecture, design projects, eco-systematic sites, solar, other renewable energy technologies, etc. To CONCiENTR| ZE Historical information about specific places. The importance of eco-information, social, political and health resources [positive and negative aspects]. ,u, v Design Research Affiliation with Master in PhD courses ‘‘7 9.1,“ Assistant + Green Map Graphic Design - Visual bibliography 37 am. -um. -md'. ~ Design Tutor System ® ‘Green Map© forlgndon . - Literature reviews J’ it-nl, =+: Iitt’-nit-ziil [currently on First GreenMapping A 5u5ga, 'nab1e . - Methodology 4 i(= Lfl~ i / study leave] project [consultation Devempmem in evaluation Ill-—i-i‘i. aim -ma. 8: networking] wban Ecmdes, -9": “T - Thesis outline (= mo)i! « / '/ . ‘ / Fig.2 . t _ . ,_ _ i » » i / ./ A , -—, 4 — . “I . ‘ r I ‘ V (* . V ‘V V ‘ , . . ... i~ii. ,,. ,,i. . . .—. , I . r , J s 7 ~ , M ‘ A g / _ ‘Age . L 4 and MANY MORE PROJECTS Fig. 1 “New Local [Malaysian] Ethnic Green Map Icons ©” Oasis - Rupa 2005: Art & Sustainable Development Exhibition - Penang, Malaysia Fig. 2 “sea Jellies A Green Map Icons © series” 2007 Island to Island Exhibition, Australia - Malaysia - Hawaii Fig, 3 "Proposal of Green Map © for London" & 4 Summer Show 2008 Exhibition, Camberwell College of Arts - University of the Arts London ~91 , ««. * I ‘ . I f; Axe; GR AP | cons© Green Map System, Inc. 2003. All rights reserved. LONDON ll»! E 8,. . . . . ins-rropnliia » . Green Map is a registered trademark and used with permission. WW § . i Umvzwsin 5AI~s Mxmsix «. ...