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Supply Chain Matters: Understanding the Link Between Supply Chain and Corporate Performance - webinar - 30 AUG 2013

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Supply Chain Matters: Understanding the Link between Supply Chain and Corporate Performance
Over the course of the last eighteen months, we have been working to understand the relationship between supply chain excellence and corporate performance. In this webinar we will highlight our key insights on:

What is the relationship between supply chain financial ratios and market capitalization? How does supply chain performance impact market capitalization in each Morningstar sector?
Over the last decade, how many companies are making progress on both operating margin and inventory turns? Which sectors are making the greatest progress and why?
Where is progress on industry sector productivity? What can we see from the trends by sector?
What can we learn from corporate performance over the last decade and the investments in supply chain technologies and process excellence?
On this webinar we will be joined by Philippe Lambotte, SVP of Supply Chain at Merck and previously SVP of Customer Service and Logistics at Kraft Foods. Philippe will share his insights on the Merck and Kraft results and give his insights on the role of leadership.

We are on the countdown to share these final results from eighteen months of intense study at our Global Summit in Scottsdale, AZ on September 11-12, 2013. In this webinar, we will take a big picture look at the Supply Chain Index equations of over 20 Morningstar sectors and share what patterns or trends we have found most interesting and surprising throughout our research. This research will be explained in greater detail at the conference, but this webinar is designed to give an overview of the work and why Supply Chain Performance Matters to Corporate Performance.

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