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Future tenses

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Future tenses

  2. 2. Future sentences with “will” Sentences with “Will” express actions that are going to happen in a future.Affirmative: I will play football tomorrow.The verb “play” is in present tense. THE VERBS THAT GOAFTER “WILL” ARE WRITTEN IN SIMPLE PRESENT andwith SHE, HE, IT the final –s is not included ex: she willdance jazz  correct / she will dances jazz  incorrectNegative: I won´t play basketball tomorrow.Question: Will you play football tomorrow?Short answers: Yes, I will / No, I won´t
  3. 3. Future sentences with “will” They are used to:Give possibilities and predictions. Ex: I think it willrain tomorrow.Express decisions. Ex: I think I will go with you to themovies.Give or ask for help. Ex: Will you drive me home,please?
  4. 4. Let’s review before continue…Don’t write, just PAY ATTENTION and ANALYSE The negative of “will” is: ________________ Which affirmative sentence is the correct one?1.-I will played soccer tomorrow.2.-I will playing soccer tomorrow.3.-I will play soccer tomorrow.Use the following words to make affirmative, negativesentences and a question in FUTURE WITH WILL.Watch/the movie/IAff:Neg:¿?:
  5. 5. Future conditional It refers to possibles situations.The structure is:IF (present simple), (future with “will”) ex:If she does hw, she will obtain a 100 in her exam. or viceversa:(future with “will”) IF (present simple) ex: She willobtain a 100 if she does hw.
  6. 6. Future with “be going to” Sentences with “be going to” express actions that are going to happen in the future also. The “BE” is the one that changes.She, he, it is / you, we, they  are/ I amAffirmative: She is going to eat cookies.Negative: She isn’t going to eat cookies.Question: Is she going to eat cookies?Short answer: No, she isn’t / Yes, she is.
  7. 7. Future with “be going to” “be going to” is used to talk about actions that are going to happen in a near future, base in actions in present simple. Ex: Look! She is going to fall! Also we use “be going to” in order to talk about future plans. Ex: I am going to make a cake
  8. 8. Exercises What are you going to do after these classes?________________________________What will you study for the next exam?________________________________Complete with future “will”.1.- She ___________(not work) with Mark.2.- They ____________(study) Biology.3.- You _____________(play) with me tomorrow.
  9. 9. Exercises ___________(go) to the movies with us? Complete with future “be going to”1.- He ______________(buy) new instruments.2.- We ______________(answer) the book’sexercises.3.- It _______________(not eat) anymore.4.- ________________(go) to the zoo?
  10. 10.  http://www.slideshare.net/antonioromero/future- tense-3701396 http://www.englishpage.com/verbpage/simplefutur e.html