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VR CAll - Sidekick VR Games

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An overview of the VR industry, where it is and where it's going, as well as an overview of Sidekick VR Games.

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VR CAll - Sidekick VR Games

  1. 1. VR 2016-2017 Introductory years for consumer VR
  2. 2. Sidekick VR Games • Span off from Sidekick Games, est 2010. • The go-to team for media & tech companies for cutting edge games • Offices in California and Israel • Fueling VR with Fun - a mobile VR games publishing house
  3. 3. What is VR ? • Promise: – Transports you to another place or environment – With additional interfaces and hardware, a VR unit gives you the feeling of “presence” and immersion • Media display output (audio/video/sensory) • Unique characteristics of a new platform
  4. 4. Two type of VR for many applications HD VR (PC/Consoles) • Pros – Immersion • Cons – Price • Pricing – $1000-$2500 • Size – 1M’s Mobile VR • Pros – Price • Cons – Immersion • Pricing – $0-$100 (not inc the phone) • Size – 10M’s
  5. 5. VR is having its 1st $1Bn year in 2016 • The “VR interested” group represents a potential market of 86 million people in the US, half will purchase a headset in 2016-2017 • CAGR of the VR hardware market is expected to be %99 from 2015 to 2020. (BI) • Content sales will represent more than one-third of total VR revenue by 2017, and will grow to nearly two-thirds of all VR revenue by 2020 (Tractica) • 1bn mobile phone gamers in 2015 – VR attach rates may reach 3% in next 5 years (Deutsche Bank) • Games Are #1 Investment Interest Deloitte ‘Mobile devices are key to the VR market’s initial growth – consumers will use smartphones to first explore virtual reality’*
  6. 6. State of the market • Consumers are interested – Even with current devices • Hardware and Software co’s see VR as a market driver for new hardware and software • Mobile VR will be the first to grow as a media device • Core gamers will want the “full VR experience” – but its hard to pay for it • First VR game adopters demographics is late teens and young adults – Content and brands needs to be aligned • Timing for “inflection point” is somewhere in 2017 – Handsets, headsets, apps, market acceptance takes two years to get to critical mass - Prepare now
  7. 7. Sidekick VR Games ‘We believe there is a huge opportunity within mobile VR gaming for a publisher ,uniquely focused on adapting existing great mobile content and creating a portfolio of compelling mobile VR games playable across all headset devices’
  8. 8. Executives Guy Bendov CEO Ex CEO of DoubleFusion Tal Raviv CTO Ex Dir 3rd Party Tech, Eidos US Mona Hamilton Head of Marketing (ext) Ex VP Marketing at Capcom Jonathan Kemp COO Ex MD/Board Director at Eidos Rob Dyer Content Business Dev (ext) Ex SVP Publisher Relations, Playstation The Publishing Team Proven creators, curators and publishing executives David De Martini EA Partners, Oculus John Spinale Playdom/Disney, OnLive Dan Offner Oculus, Loeb&Loeb Oren Tversky Unity 3D’s Games Advisory
  9. 9. Sidekick VR Games Games published across multiple VR platforms Published – Romans from Mars 360, Age of Diamonds, Bowling Games to launch H1 2016: Guerrilla Bob, Temple of Merk, Princess Isabella, T-Rexx Hunter (10 signed) S
  10. 10. Case Study • Romans from Mars, adapted from F2P mobile version – Better reaction to VR version “made for vr” • Full game with >70 levels at a fraction of the original game’s development cost • Price, business model – $2.99 - > freemium • Audiences usage and payment culture stay the same – Android vs iOS, USA vs Israel
  11. 11. Research / References / Read • Digi Capital http://www.digi-capital.com/reports/#augmented-virtual-reality • KZero http://www.kzero.co.uk/blog/consumer-virtual-reality-market-worth-13bn- 2018/?gclid=CNWtiKrSur4CFYXItAodu2sAow • Superdata https://www.superdataresearch.com/blog/global-games-market-2015/ • Newzoo http://www.newzoo.com/reports/ • Roadtovr http://www.roadtovr.com/ • Uploadvr http://uploadvr.com/
  12. 12. Thank you Guy Bendov VRGuy at Sidekick.co.il Jonathan Kemp Jkemp at sidekick.co.il www.SidekickVR.com