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Methods or websites that you use to share media like photos, videos, or music.

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  1. 1. Where I Share Media By: Chelsea Love
  2. 2. Facebook I share photos and videos to my Facebook page often. Facebook has made this feature very easy to access. From your mobile app, click on status. There is a number of different things you can do from there. Adding a picture/video is the first option (at least on my iPhone 6+). Click on the camera. It will bring up your camera roll, or give you an option to take a new photo. Select the one you would like and hit “Done”. From there, you can click on “Post”, or add a comment. Everyday, Facebook is used to connect people together who may not live near each other. For example, my cousin just had a baby. I do not see her often, but with Facebook, I can see her child and watch him grow through the videos and photos she posts online.
  3. 3. YouTube From your YouTube account, you can add a slideshow of pictures, upload videos, and even have music in the video/pictures. YouTube is good for How To videos. I personally use it for music while I am trying to study. YouTube allows me to listen to the music I love without actually having to purchase the song like on iTunes.
  4. 4. Snapchat Snapchat is an app that allows you to send pictures and video to other people, as well as putting it on your story. Anyone can view your story. Each picture sent to an individual can be viewed for a maximum of ten seconds. After this time, it disappears forever, unless the individual takes a screen shot of the picture.